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Professional Learning eJournal has been serving Schools across Australia since 2013.  In the next few weeks, eJournal user schools will start changing over to CloudJournal which offers intuitive 'mobile-first' operation. The CloudJournal is about to be launched. Watch this space for more news. 

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Cloud Journal takes teachers' and schools' privacy seriously.This video provides an overview about privacy responsibilities for all companies and boards, including school boards.  

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This Google+ community is provided for teachers to:
- Talk about their 'Magic Moments' in the classroom or with their teaching community peers .
- Post and reflect on 'aha! experiences' 
- Celebrate insights 
- Start conversations
- Ask for support
- Post resources or photos (respect student privacy and peer confidentiality)
- Tell people how you or your school are using your ClassTeaching eJournal. 
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