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Do you hear my voice ? Do you hear my voice ?
I shout, with the Adherents .. On all sides
: (God protect the King)
Hello i'm Amira from Algeria i'm interested for chinese culture hope i find partner to exchange <3

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Hello guys! I am from Russia! I`ll be glad if i can help you with russian! You can text me your question. Maybe you can help me with english? I am happy if i can find female friend for share girls stuff and etc. But if you guy its ok. The only thing I don't like the same type of conversations and not looking for romance.

In the beginning I wanted to write a blog about culture (I do), but I also want to do posts about daily life in my country. If you have questions about the culture and life in Russia, text and I will make posts about it.

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“Una respuesta suave calma el furor, una palabra hiriente aumenta la ira.”  Proverbios 15:1 Sentado en mi celda, recordando un poco lo que he sido y justo antes de dormir le escribía a Dios un par de lineas agradeciendo y pidiendo… a veces nos falta mucha…

Hi, I am a noob here. I am from South Korea and studying english hard in this day and age. I hope to speak english fluently. Is there anyone who wants language exchange? We can find ways to help each other.

I'm currently reading a travel book about Dubai and I am interested to know more about the country. Anyone here who lives in Dubai and willing to share his/her precious time with me? In return, I will help you with your English. Thanks in advance! Salud.

I'm student Indonesian, I would like to practise English and Arabic language, who was practise language with me? Please wa 6281296235974.
كيف حالكم ؟
انا طالب من إندونيسي، من منكم يريد ان تكلم اللغة الانجليزية واللغة العربيةمعى.

hello! everybody. im name is PO-U
please call me PO ;)

i looking for someone who can teach me english.if want to learning japanese, i will teach japanese.thank you.

Hello, I am a native English speaker from the U.S. currently learning Arabic. I am focusing on Egyptian Arabic and would strongly prefer a female partner, but I am open. Let me know if you're interested. I am also fluent in French and have some Norwegian skills.

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