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Video Marketing - What is it?

A buzz word at the moment is ##video marketing. I hear many people now say they are using video marketing in their business. In reality what a lot of these businesses are doing is shooting a video and putting it on their website and that for them is video marketing.

Well that isn't even scratching the surface when it comes to doing video marketing effectively.
I see many videos on websites that have no or very poor video seo meaning that those videos will not be found in the search engines and so fail on a very basic level.

A video should always have an objective, an action that you want taken after someone has watched it. 

It is important to identify who it is you want to reach and what they might enter into a search engine to find what it is you offer. Once you know that then you can write a script aimed at delivering your message to the right target market that will be found in the search engines.

What is also important is to identify what social medias your target market uses as you will use those medias to push your video out on. 

If you start with that thought process and with those actions in mind then you will be starting to video market your business.

If you have any questions please do ask, i am always happy to help.

Have a great week.

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How to maximise your ROI on your videos?

Are you making the most of your videos? When you sit down to storyboard a video are you thinking about how you could repurpose the footage? After all a lot of time, effort and budget goes into producing videos so why not think about how you could break a single video down into smaller chunks that can be used across your marketing and social media.

When we sit down to plan a video with our clients we always look for ways to maximise the footage by knowing how we can re-edit the same footage into sales and marketing messages for our clients to use in addition to the main video. By doing this we give our clients more videos to use on You Tube, their website and all across their social medias. This gives them greater exposure and far more content. We then add video SEO to the videos ( watch how by clicking this link so more traffic is driven to their videos and website. 

So make sure you think beyond the one video that you are planning and look at how you could repurpose sections to use as stand alone videos.
Have fun planning.
Best wishes

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When do you need to start thinking about #Keywords for your video?
It should be one of your first thoughts. So many people leave it until after they have shot and edited the video and are thinking about titles for the video.
If you leave it that late then you have missed a big opportunity to help your video rank higher in the search engines. As #Video marketers here at Ginger we start by asking questions about who the video is targeted at and what they might type into a search to find the material that will be in the video.
Once you have that information you can add those keywords into the video script. This is vital as after the video has been uploaded to You Tube we will do a transcription and sync it to the video. This is like a little bit of gold dust for the search engines as it helps them to return your video in the search results and this little technique will help bring you views! :-))

If you have any questions please ask. Also pop over to our You Tube channel below and subscribe to keep up to date on all things video related.
Best wishes
Neil Ginger
Neil Ginger

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How to Hide The You Tube Player Window
I thought I would discuss the #youtube  Player Window today. Would you like to lose the You Tube Player window? So the only thing you see is your video that starts to play instantly someone gets to the page where it is embedded.
Well you can and it is relatively simple to do. The screen capture below is from one of our showcase videos we produced and the only You Tube branding you see is in the bottom right hand corner.
Once you take the cursor off the window it also disappears.
#videoproduction   #videomarketing   #youtubemarketing  

So if you wish to do this just copy and paste the code below, replacing the bold text with your own YouTube video code. Embed that code onto your webpage and you will have your You Tube video playing without the You Tube player window.

Any questions feel free to ask. :-)

<iframe width="560" height="315" src="// sKCsGiT_NV8?rel=0;autoplay=1;controls=0;showinfo=0;modestbranding=1; ” frameborder="0" allowfullscreen></iframe>

If you are interested in watching the showcase video just go to

Thank you for the invite!  I look forward to being a part of this community.

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Thanks for invite!- Wonderfully indepth- I could really use some of this..hope to learn..
I will share to my circles

Are you maximising the reach of your videos?

Don’t leave you video just sitting on You Tube, think about your blog reach.
Why don’t you create a thorough list of online influencers and online communities that are relevant to your video content. 

Send them links to your videos, be strategic and send them content that is topical and of interest to them and their followers.

Make sure you measure the sites that drive the most views and share your new videos with them first, let them know they are getting access to the videos first, build that relationship and it will return plenty of views to your videos.

Let us know how you are maximising your video and of course if you have any questions please just ask.

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Your You Tube Channel should be optimised, so what do I mean by that?

Well the Channel should look professional, be branded, have links to your website and social medias have a feature video and a description with some of your keywords within it. Also you should create playlist that are also keyword focused so they drive traffic to your You Tube Channel.

You can see an example of this below. Also by visiting my channel at you can see how I have done it. Whilst there feel free to subscribe to the channel so I can keep you updated on all things video related.  :-)

Any questions just post them here. 
Best wishes

Motion, music, drama.
Editing has an enormous impact on your final videos. Before you start filming think about what you want your video to look like, what emotions do you want it to generate in the viewer? After all if the video doesn't create an emotion in the viewer then it is failing as it isn't engaging the people who are watching it.

Excitement or Calmness?

Quick cuts in the video or slow transitions? Pounding or tranquil music?
Special effects or none? Or maybe a combination of the above. These all help to set the tone of the movie and help to generate the emotion you wish to create.

So think about your message and what kind of emotion would be best to create within the viewer to help them understand your message, and what you can do within the editing to help create that emotion.

Happy editing :-)

Thank you for inviting me +Ginger Multimedia As it happens, I am planning to make some "how to" videos over the coming months for +Ruggles Leisure  so I will be following closely :)
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