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I'm very honored to receive this honor. There isn't enough honor on this planet to fully express the sheer honorificity of being chosen among the throngs of wannabe seminal speakers.

I studied my extemporaneous speech for hours until the guy at the coffee shop explained what it meant. So I unlearned it for hours.
I guess my Spanish sucks. He said some very uncouth things about 'add cox committees, and 'some come louder' and okay, so what? He made me laugh and taught me Spanish and he promised me a quid pro moka with extra froth if I do it again at vitam Eternam? Sounds expensive. I don't care ...Jack Palance would be up here doing the seminal ex pro ad hoc nunc honorarities thing is if I hadn't second- sourced the froth.

You think Bella Lugosi didn't put out in her day?

So that's my little antidote about my slow crawl to the podium. Lordie I got mixed up with the Spanish there too ( per diem and po dium and stay dium lol)

Anyway, I have a surprise for the Geeks.. You just have to promise to call our organization "the seminal film geeks" because every body wants to be first. And nothing comes before seminal, not even an embryo, not even the zygote.....and nobody wants to be a sperm or ovary geek..

Here comes the surprise, gimme a sec

Aha, found it

Its for film festivals, awards nights, and all-nude viewing of films which will have been democratically determined by sealed ballots which I am happy to unseal.

I'm an obsessive cinephile but I seem to be in a minority. There's a lot of quelling (sequel, prequel) There's an inordinate supply of future dystopias.. And the dedicated plotline homogeneity to these future worlds makes me wonder if the only way a team can win a pitch for a futuristic script is via some Faustian exchange; .

"We will green light "'Sauteeing Private Ryan' and 'About a Boy, but then I'm hungry again an hour later" but only in exchange for every molecule of originality and imagination from your frontal lobes.
Lobotomy? Good Lord no, these are complementary facials... And when you wake up, it will be raining all the time, politicians, illness or global warming will have wiped out the earth, and society is divided unfairly. Its really just a rainy Spartacus without the whole pantheism/Judaism/sandals and crucifixions. We don't want to gross people out "

...reverie over

Its coming right up, Le Grand Cinema Seminal (Cinemale?) Pour ceux et celles qui peuvent s'abstenir du cannibalism Blockbuster

this is the original Cinema Paradiso location

Actually I don't have a clue where this is but it makes that ludicrous edifice in Cannes look like the worlds' larger inverted chainsaw-bedpan

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