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Went to Shuto Con this year! Here's my "big" cosplay! What do you guys think?

Hello friends, family, and those beautiful people who joined while I was away. I would like to say welcome to those new people and a big hello to everyone else. Now this is a community for all things anime and for getting comments on cosplay ideas. If this is not what you joined for then... LEAVE NOW! JK! Stay you might see something interesting or amusing. So again I say Hello and Welcome back.  

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I'm the same ;-; who wants to gimme a hug?????  Q^Q

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Full Steam-punk Alchemist... oh my god.

Happy birthday to Momofuku Ando. he created instant Ramen :)

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FMA Neko Edition

Fullmetal Alchemist.

I'm really excited.

Spoilers ahead.

Okay! So! I recently got to episode 44 of Fullmetal Alchemist, and OH. MY. GOSH.

It's so great right now.

So Lust's character suddenly underwent so much development, and suddenly she was basically one of the good guys, until she was KILLED by the other Hominculi.

Scar also went through tons of development, giving his entire arm to attempt to heal Al, who had been turned into a bomb by the Crimson Alchemist.

And then Scar got shot up by the State Alchemists, and died to make the Philosopher's Stone. And he succeeded. Al is the Philosopher's Stone now.

Poor Al...

ALSO!! Van Elric, father of Ed and Al, has returned, and he's so mysterious. He said he remembered when no railroads ran through his hometown. But apparently the first railroad built through his hometown was made over a hundred years ago. As you can guess, this leaves so many possibilities concerning who or what Van is.

Führer Bradley. I knew it. Okay, I thought he'd be in league with the Homunculi, but I didn't ever consider the possibility that he could be one of them. But yes, he is Pride, the final Homunculus.

I could keep going on, but this post has just been way too messed up thus far for me to dare to continue, so I'll leave it how it is. T^T

Also I'm lovin' the new theme song. :3

...One more thing.

This post seemed a lot longer while I was typing it. =3=

Anime/Manga: Fullmetal Alchemist

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i cant take manga seriously when googly eyes are involved, sorry.

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wouldn't it be cool if Alphonse and Negative Alphonse fought, probably be an epic battle.
Sketching Alphonse And Putting The work in Negative lighting 👌👌

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