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I would love some folk to give the latest version of e-commerce a test run.  Any feedback (please be brutally honest) will be appreciated...  

To check it out, please use the following composer instruction on your command line:

composer create-project sunnysideup/ecommerce_test:dev-master ./ecommercetest


Post has attachment is now live. Go there and checkout some of the submission people have already submitted. To grab your invite, just click on the get invite link... and share your own works too. Its free. 

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Hi Everyone

I have written a hack of a class that allows you to do some quick testing of your site. 

The class is part of our templateoverview module - which helps developers understand, test, review and simplify Page Types.  HOWEVER, the tasks can be used on its own.

You can find the class here:

It works with SS3.1, but other versions (albeit less developed) are available too.

What it offers:

(1) checks all basic screens for 200 response
(2) checks response time for all basic screens

Basic screens are:
* all page templates (page types)
* all basic CMS views (e.g. add new page, edit existing page, basic model admin views).
* you can also add your own URLs

To try it out, just copy the class into your mysite/code/tasks folder. Run a ?flush=all and browse to:

Happy testing (feedback appreciated - of course).


PS this is what the test looks like:

I'll confess I've been a bit slack in pushing this group a long, a few things have gotten in the way.

Hands-up who wants to co-moderate or be a co-pusher of this G+ group ? Not that I think moderation is needed :)

Go for it...

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We have developed a basic error checking tool:  It checks: all page types (front-end + cms) as well as all model admin views for basic errors.  We got it working locally (on LAMP), but I would love it to work in more places.  Once it is working properly, you will find this a pretty awesome tool as it can quickly check for errors.

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