Hey +Nimble rs, I'm looking for a blog post that I wish I had bookmarked. About to take a hammer to my foot for not saving the post, it's critical to my next phase of development. 

The blog post describes a best practice for weighting deals in forecasting. There is a 10%-90% weight assigned on categories with a description of stages by name. Each time you move deal to the next stage the % chance to close is moved up a % notch. 

I can probably reconstruct the system on my own but would love to have this beacon back in my life. If any of you out there know what I'm talking about or want to chat about building such a system please get in touch. 


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New Nimble IOS app out

Trouble Entering Google Plus Page URL For Company

I've started adding in companies. After entering the G+ page url then clicking update, a validation error  and account does not exist message is received. I've tried using different versions of the pages URL without success.

What is the correct formatting for adding in a G+ page to the data card record? Or, is that feature not applicable to a G+ page? Note, it works fine when adding someones G+ profile.


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Google has Circles and ACT used Circles, is TAGS what Nimble uses to group people and business together? 

How's it coming along with the Android app beta?  I'm not trying to be a pain, but rather am keenly interested to get my team onto the platform, and want to see it's functionality.

Why do I get "Account doesn't exist." every time I add someone's Google+ account to their file in my Nimble account?

It seems as though +Nimble just doesn't want to integrate with Plus. This has been going on for a long time now.

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Great marketing attracts the attention of buyers, and then hopefully engages them with your business in meaningful ways. While this is possible with traditional advertising, it is more readily done with content marketing.

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With the implementation of hashtag search on Facebook, this platform is becoming an incredibly useful marketing and lead prospecting tool. #facebook #socialselling 

I'm still waiting for the iOS app to be able to handle "Google logins", can you give us an guesstimate on when we'll see an update so we can use the app and keep Google login? (this is a serious show stopper...)

Also we're really needing the ability to connect people to more than one company/organisation, any news on such a feature?

When will you release the Android app? 
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