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1. Do not ask for moderator, +gunslinger_lucky tanki junky​​​​​​ will give it to you if he believes that you deserve it!
2. Don't try to cozy up to the mods for benefits,they will not acknowledge you.
3. NO HENTAI!This place is for everyone.
4. Don't diss other people ooc,you can have your oc hate another oc,but you can't just show hate for someone ooc.
5. Please keep the swearing to a minimum! As I said,this is a place for everyone.
6. You may not powerplay or godmod.
7. You are allowed to kill other people's ocs without asking, just make it an actual fight and tag a mod so they can judge if it counts.
8. You can't rp with a dead oc.
9.Mods have to tag another mod when they kill someone else's oc.
10. You cannot RP with a trapped oc in any place other than where they are trapped.
11. You may only use guns and those glowing swords that are totally not lightsaber ripoffs.
12. Your profile must be approved by 2 mods or 1 owner to be able to roleplay.
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The famous GGO world is back with a new crisis. 5 years after the original Death Gun was captured and defeated a new infamous character wearing the same style and the same attitude arises from the shadows after the first 3 victims are killed. Now the gaming world needs the old SAO gang to solve The case and save more lives as a threat comes into light more lethal then the first time around.....the death of every GGO player in the game the clock is ticking and the search starts now before the year is out and the while serve is shut down for good.

Arc stuff
Arc name : None
Arc items : none
Is there an arc : NO


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And this community died. -_- siiiiiiiiiiiiiiiiiiiiiiiiiiiiiiigh

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((open rp))

Mod: player name?

Gun, just gun.

Mod: weapon outputs.

Here you go along with my ID and personal info.

Mod: seems to be in order. Approved.

stamping the paper the moderator handed it back to me as I got out of the line, the BOB or bullet of bullets competition was about to start. More then 1000 players would join this year and over 300 within the hour. The entire thing manually being done to avoid the death gun from entering and interfering with the famous tournament and sitting get down I looked up at the shining lights of the beautiful city as everyone started pouring into the spectator areas while holographic news casts got ready for live streaming events and breaking news on all the famous players joining as well as a follow up on the last BOB.
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in gun gale online tara was fighting a droid as she throw a bomb at the droid as it blow of and she fall down

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1st place winner prize: Howa Type 89 (with 3 attachments of choosing)or Instigal anti material rifle (attachment and scope lense of any choice) or 2 colt 1911 stainless steel handguns.

2nd place winner prize: Zastava M70 (with any attachment minus scope) or FN FNP with extended mag and caliber upgrade.

3rd place winner prize: Lhati-L35 (with any sight of choice), AWC G2 sniper rifle (with attachments of choice)

Prize for all: 30 yaut mosen with world war 2 scoped sight and bayonet.


Best shooter:

Best macth:

Most shots fired:

Top player:

Average player:

Participants: listed below

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as a event I'm making a BOB!

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((open rp))

in the deep abease of the world of GGO, reaper sat loading cartridges into his magazines one by one as raindrops fell like trickles after the down pouring rain. His plan was set for hunting down the top players of GGO and making examples of them and how is destructive power of death could kill anyone without the use of outside help.
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