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The Collapse of The American Dream Explained in Animation

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has everyone heard is coming back?

Post has attachment It's brony time, come back to limbo podcast for another great show

Post has attachment one of the most enjoyable podcasts is jointed by DWK! Come listen.

fngr honos another great star in brony along with British ninja and tricky fox,

Post has attachment Hasbro and DHX almost didn't make this episode and let me tell you why.

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Name: wildheart evermore
Age: 19
Species: alicorn
Weapons of choice: magic, crossbow, double blades

Pros: quick reflexes, good magic, not bad at flying, high pain tolerance, loyal, good with animals, fast flyer
Cons: inpatient, not stealthy at all, not very good at flying a ship, not the fastest galloper, stressed, scared, can't show too much emotion, gets distracted easily

Bio:wildheart was born in a tree, on a cold winter night her parents ruled a tiny village in the everfree forest. She grew up fairly well but when she was about 16 a famine came to her village and soon after, a war. It was during the war that she got her scar.

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