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Install the TruckItEasy app from the link -

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Once you login using your ids You will be taken to the Boni page. The Boni page has 2 tabs Upcoming and Accept.
 The Upcoming tab has trips that are already assigned to you.
 The Accept tab has trips that you can accept or reject.
So initially I will assign a request to you and it will show up in the accept tab along with a notification. You have to click on the pending item in the accept tab which will take you to a map page where it will show pickup and drop. Click on the accept button there. You have 3 mins to accept the request. Within minutes there will be a notification saying new job and the pending item will disappear from Accept tab. The new assigned job will show up in Upcoming tab.
 When you are about to go anywhere click on the item and it will take you to a map page which will have a strt and stop button. Press the start button and it will start tracking. Once you reach the destination press stop.
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