Is it possible to modify the script and change the user naming conventions on a per-class basis, or even globally, if requested so by a teacher ?

Where can I get an updated list of RBIR headings and does anyone know if anything changed recently to the way we have to upload the RBIR? Thanks

Hi all,

I am using ATS Google Account Sync with a manual upload of cvs RBIR file. When I get to "Step 3: Reconcile any unmatched users", I get the message "Cannot find function toLowerCase in object false." and below that: Please be patient... Searching for unmatched student accounts....

The ATS GAS keeps going from there. I have stopped and restarted; used a blank sheets document and started again and I still get the same results.

When trying to add new students accounts I get the following message:
Alert! The "Sync RBIR" functionality is currently down. We hope to have it up and running soon. For now, please use the Manual Upload
Does anyone know when the Sync RBIR function will be fixed?

Is this tool still available? I can't find it in the Sheet Add Ons...

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Hello Everyone! Sys Admin in SoCal here. I've tried to upload a CSV export of the relevant student data fields from our SIS(aeries) into the google account sync tool, but I continue to get an error message. Any suggestions/help? I was actually able to reduce the amount of fields returned in the error by adding more fields to the SIS export, but are all of these really necessary to do an upload? Do all of these fields need to be on the export for this import to work?

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I think I deleted my post when I tried to delete the pic. What was your comment plz?

In Step 3, I get the following "Cannot find function toLowerCase in object false." and below that
Please be patient...
Searching for unmatched student accounts....
the tool just keeps going and going from there.
Any thoughts??

i keep getting the

The account creation process has timed out. This is expected behavior for jobs taking more than 5 minutes...


I'm in the process of syncing, but am not getting the "Create and associate new..." button to complete a step and move to the next. Any ideas?
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