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Google Issue resolved! We are happy to report that as of April 8, 2017 all of the bugs reported have been resolved on Google's end. You should no longer have any issues in using this add-on and if you do, please continue to post them here. Thanks again for your continued support!

Thanks for this great tool.

In my view this tool is very good and has future if made available to other schools outside the NY setup.

If there was more flexibility in customising a few fields like grade year. I would like to be able to, for instance, group students by the courses they are attending to (courseID).

It would also be useful to know the types and sizes of each fields.

Is there anyone maintaining the code side? Is it on GitHub and open sourced?

Currently Google is having an issue on their end around refreshing their server data on add-ons. This impacts users and will cause you to see errors around your load up time and accessing folders/files from the add-on user interface. This issue exists across add-ons and we will update you as soon as we have identified proper work arounds and/or temporary fixes. Hopefully Google can resolve this soon!

Hi all,

I am a SPOC for my school and last year I went to a Google training and set up the Domain for my school. However, my principal will not allow me ATS access and my school secretary is not that tech savvy to figure out how to use New Visions / CloudLab. Is there any other way for me to begin Google Classroom with student accounts other than inputting each child without ATS? And, without monitoring students who are new admits/discharges individually?

Thanks for your help and understanding.

Question: Why do some of my new G Suite schools not have the ATS-Google Account Sync pop up in their "get add ons" there are other New Visions option.

Thank you!

Hey NV!

We love the ATS-Sync add-on, and we just recently joined the NV affiliate network to start using the Student Sorter. I was told that it might be possible to use the Student Sorter as a data source for the ATS-Sync, so that data will be updated automatically and remove the need for manual RBIR imports.

I see there's an option for NV schools to sync from the data warehouse. Is it true that it's possible to use the sorter as a data source, or will we need to continue the manual RBIR import process?


I am having an issue using the tool. After the domain audit training yesterday I tried running the tool to reimport my student roster and update the email stem with first inital, last name + last 4 osis. ([firstName,left,1]+[lastName,all]+[studentId,right,4]) When I import it just keeps the previous email given it doesn't add the last 4 of osis to the stem like the naming scheme is set to. Any help would be appreciated ! Thanks !

Hello, I am attempting to create accounts with ATS-sync. I uploaded the RBIR file, but when I get to step 2, I am unable to select provisions. HELP!! :)

Hey all-
I am interested in adding parents to GAFE. Faculty and staff were done last year and this year one of my goals is to create parent usernames for our school. How have you guys done this? I am interested in knowing the detailed steps and if this information can be culled using the ATS tool. Thank you all.

Hi! Does anyone know how to do a mail merge from a google spreadsheet to a form letter. 
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