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Watching the clouds

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Enjoying The Sunrise
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Name- _My names is Estorra Huo!~
Nickname- _I also go by Torra, Maxxi, and Shu.~
Titles: Queen Laurena; Blazing Heart (lol Elsword fan here)
Age- 27
Gender- I'm obviously female.~
Kingdom- Fire Kingdom~
Rank- Queen, because I'm too awesome for you.~
Maid- open
Appearance: Long red hair, eye color is blue, but red in light. I am of a tan complexion. I have three outfits: a battle outfit, a casual, and a formal. (pic 1: formal pic 2: battle pic 3: casual)
Personality- I am:
• Loving
• Playful
•and on a rare occasion, spoiled.~
And, be warned, I have a ... rather fiery personality, hue hue.
Being with my family and subjects.
•Practicing my pyromancy.
• I adore games.~
Being proved wrong.
Main Weapon of Chose: Claymore~
Secondary Weapon: Fire, but in close combat a spear.
Sons- 2
Daughters- 4
Married to- The King (whoever it'll be)
Friends- open
Bio/background story- Not much to say, but I have my family and my kingdom, so I'm happy. My favorite child is my heir, Linghong. My parents were the past King and Queen, who are deceased now, and I was an only child. Yeah, not much else...
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Name: Tapio Mielikki Nurmi.
Nicknames: Mielikki, Healer, Bluecloak
Element: Earth
Age: 17
Breed: Human
Rank: Prince

Mom: Open
Dad: Open
Sister (s): Open
Brother (s): Open
Aunt (s): Open
Uncle (s): Open
Cousin (s): Open
Friend (s): Open
Crush: Open
Girlfriend: None

Namesakes: Tapio and Meilikki, the Finnish 'Spirits of the Forest.' The 'Forest King' and 'Forest Queen'
Nationality: Finnish
Favorite Song: Wanderlust - Nightwish
Powers: Control of plants, and able to talk to plants/animals. He's also able to heal a person's sadness or illness.
Quote: "I only have this time, then who knows what'll happen?"

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Name? "Hello! I'm Sato Yui~"
Age? "I Recently Turned 19"
Kingdom? "I'm Loyal To The Water Kingdom"
Rank? "I Am A Humble Prince"
Gender? "Male, Is It Hard To Tell?"
Family? Open
Friends? Open
Appearance? "I Am A Blonde Male With Blue Eyes And Pale Skin"
Personality? "Id Say I Act Very Feminine For A Male"
Likes? "Well I Adore Nature"
Dislikes? "Well I Cant Say I'm Very Fond Of The Other Kingdoms"
Sexuality? "I Can Say I'm Attracted To Males"
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