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I don't have time for this com and am leaving. I don't want too but I must, I will be taking my horses with me. Bye.


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I am so so sorry I have been like dead lately!

Life has been nothing but go go go and I haven't had one minute to be on G+
I will be getting back to my regular schedule and will be on here pretty daily.


~Home from showing~

Austyn arrives at her stable with a trailer behind her, she turned her truck off and out of her car and walked back to the trailer as she opened the trailer door, she led out a beautiful cremello horse mare named Moon. Moon nickered looking around her home, Austyn then leads her into the stables and into a nice freshly clean stall, Moon still looked around. Moon followed Austyn into the stall, Austyn let Moon get settled into her home, after that Austyn led Moon out of the stall and the stables, Austyn then led Moon into one of the paddocks, Austyn unhooked her lead rope and Moon walk to the middle of her paddock, she saw other paddocks but other horses were in them. Moon nickered and she started to canter around the paddock happy that he was in his own paddock, Moon stopped cantering and started grazing for while, Moon then looked up to the sky and she saw it started to get dark, Moon then glanced at Austyn who was walking over to her, so Moon walked up to her owner and Austyn hooked her lead rope to her halter and she led her back into the stables and into her stall, Austyn then unhooked the lead rope and gave Moon her food and water, Austyn then rubbed her forehead and kissed her goodnight and shut the stall door and locked it.


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I take Spirit out of his stall and I attach his halter and lead rope. Once I do that I walk him to the outdoor arena and I walk him around once. Then once I walk him around once I click to him and he trots. Once we get all the way around I stop him and back him up and I ask him to stand super still. Once he stands still I start moving around him looking and he stands and waits patiently I smile good boy as I pat him and I grab his lead rope again. I put the lead rope around him desensitizeing him. He jumps when I bring the lead rope and it hits him on the stomach. I smile as I do it more and he stands still and I do it around his legs and he stands still. So I decide to change things up. So I tie the lead rope around his legs and he stands super still and he waits patiently for me to untie it. So I pet him and I do it to the rest of his hooves and I pat him good boy. As I lead him out of the Arena and I take him to the stallion pasture and I let him go and he gallops off. So I leave him out the rest of the night.

Sorry for the sucky rp.

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~ Giving my Trust to Her~
~Warrior's Pov ~

The next day as I trot around in the pasture I see the little girl comes out of the other pasture that had a mare and two foals. I whinny in delight to see her hoping that she would come over.
As I lean into the fence, dancing impatiently. She notices me and starts walking over.
She gigles as I nudge her shoulder looking for attention. This little girl had taken a toll on me and I turned at once to her. Delighted we both where. My love for her and her love for me was stronger than anything I could imagine, except for my mother. We stand together for a long time.
I was limp against her shoulder, resting, enjoying the non forgettable moment.

~ The End ~

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~Hi Izzie!~

I unload Izzie from the trailer and the prideful mare prances to his paddock. Lacey comes charging to her gate and whinnies, making Moon come over to see the new horse as well. Spirit continues to eat ignoring his new paddack neighbor. Izzie whinnies and stomps her hoof, but Spirit ignores her. Izzie was annoyed now. She layed down and pouted.


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~Flying with Style~

Sand flies up and hooves slam down. My leg is pressed against Ellie's side. My heels grow further down when I stand for the jump.
Ellie's hooves push off the ground and in an instant were on the other side of the fence.

I slowed Ellie to a walk, I loosened my reins and gave her a pat along her black and white neck.
Her head drops as she walks. I look over to the gate to see Gameboy and Tundra playing. I look back at Ellie's flicking ears.
I walk Ellie into the middle of the arena and I hop off.
I grab an extra pole and set it above the cross rail.
"Alright, there we go, you ready?" I say, turning back around to face Ellie.
Ellie answers me with a blink. I smile and walk over to her.

I pull over the mounting block.
I slide my foot into the stirrup and swing my leg over.

Ellie starts at a walk with my leg pressure. I then give her a little kick and she moves into a trot.
She soon gathers herself into a canter, foot by foot she approached the jump.
She takes a half a second stop to launch herself off the ground, which gives me time to get into two-point.

She cantered halfway around the arena before I halted her. I patted her neck. "Good girl! You did so good!"
I slid off of the painted mare.
Tundra and Gameboy ran around me and Ellie as I led her to the pasture.

"You want a day off tomorrow?" I asked her.
Even though she only whinnied I swore I heard yes escape her mouth.

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~Galloping Acres~ First free horse
I give all credit to Gezzcanezz for the name

→ Show Name: ~GA~ Hillside Angel
→ Barn Name: Ellie
→ Gender: Mare
→ Breed: Cob
→ Age: 7 Years
→ Health Issues: None.

→ Trait Summary: Sassy, Stubborn, Tricky, Snuggly, Affectionate, Loyal.
→ Personality: This little diva is nothing but sass! Except for that 50% of snuggles. She definitely is a cuddler! She may act like the queen to horses and animals, and not to mention certain people, but if you have a bond with her, all she wants to do is snuggle!
→ Compatible with Domestics: Somewhat
→ Compatible with Horses: Yes
→ Compatible with Livestock: Not really
→ Compatible with People: Yes!

→ Biography: Unknown.
→ Past Offspring: Unknown.

→ Coat Color: Piebald
→ Eye Color: Brown

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Okay, I might be really annoying... But I think the community name should be changed again... It doesn't fit.

As a result the name will be;
Horse Rescuers RP
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