Happy Saturday everyone! How are you all spending your day? Catching up on admin or having a lazy day? 

Hello everyone, I'm working on a project and would like to know if anyone knows of software or a way to automatically include/calculate mileage on a calendar? Any and all help is greatly appreciated!

Hi everyone! If you have subcontractors, do you ask them to sign a non-disclosure or confidentiality agreement? I have that type of statement in my agreement with clients, but of course my sub doesn't sign that. I had never thought to do this before, but I have a new client who stated that they would need my sub to sign one if he did any of the work (attorney with really confidential stuff, so I can understand the request). Thanks for your thoughts!

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#TGIM! Today I'm curious about your biz. Are you a solopreneur (meaning you are you business), have a team of sub-contractors that you utilize daily/weekly, or are a multi-VA practice.
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No .. I have a sub-contracting team
No .. I have a multi-VA practice
Yes .. I'm a solopreneur
No .. I have a sub-contracting team
No .. I have a multi-VA practice

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How is everyone's week going? :) 

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Hello everyone! My name is Shaquandra and I'm fairly new to the VA industry. I started in 2015 but not much luck with gaining clients. I'm going full force now to get my business up and running with clients. I provide general admin and personal assistant services with specialty in credentialing services. I genuinely enjoy helping others and am always open to learning new techniques and software. I am also always open to all tips and sub-contracting opportunities. My website is www.barrettadmin.com

I am putting together a list of contacts for a client.

I can get a list of the businesses in that field in the U.K. using companies house, but they want worldwide. Anyone know the equivalent for other countries?

Thanks in advance! 

Does anyone know how to pull up the macros in Word 2007 that you created along with the actual shortcut keys assigned to them? The macros window that shows the actual macros I created (with the ability to edit them) doesn't show the keyboard shortcuts I assigned to them. I did write most of them down in my own list as I created them, but would like to be able to do this. Plus I'm always adding to and changing them!

Advice please!

I made pitch to a potential client- a detailed pitch - they are happy and they signed a contract. If fact, their response when I pitched was "wow" .

Then I delivered everything included in my conversations with them.

They received it and are now saying that "it has no value" and "you didn't tell us anything we didn't already know"!

So why sign the contract and request it?

I potentially have another income stream from them - although they have put that on hold as of this afternoon :/

Do I write off the work? Do I still invoice per the contract? I have never had a client unhappy with my work and I did exactly as asked. This has knocked me a bit. They thought it looked lovely but had too many pictures - the pictures were actually graphs and analysis.

Although the work was produced for them there is some scalability in the product which is why I am considering writing it off as a learning experience and product development. My aim is to provide value to the client and even though they asked for it and have the detailed information it contains, I am tempted to write it off if they find it of no value to their business. 

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