Hi all!

A client's business partner is very disorganized. I've tried different software, but he doesn't like them. He works super long days and I'm wondering if anyone has outside-the-box tips on how to help keep someone organized?

My ideas:
-Hire another graphic designer in office or virtually to help him (that's his primary workload, which I can't do)
-Check and flag all emails daily that he needs to respond to
-Check in every morning and evening on tasks he has to do and if they have been done and create a weekly or daily schedule.

If anyone has had experience with someone who hates software like Teamwork, Asana, etc., but needs help organizing, please let me know!

A desperate VA :)

Hello from Uniquely40 and Ms. Eva staff , our office is closed in rememberance of September 11, 2001. To our onboard clients, if you require work to be performed on this day, please leave your message on our clients only voicemail. To all others our office will reopen on the next business day


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Hi all...looking for a VA who has skill with Wordpress (a must) and event management. Working with e-commerce systems is a huge plus! You should be able to keep multiple balls in the air at once and not lose track of projects. If you're a fast learner...I'll take that too. :) Training will be provided for the right VA.

If this sounds like you - shoot me an email at kmohan@dependableva.com with your rates and experience.


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Hi everyone. I just received my first Google review, and it's not showing up! Could it be the name she used? (See screen shot.) She's done two other reviews over the years for other completely difference businesses.. (It's a weird name; can't figure out why she picked it, but she never likes to use her real name.) I'm thinking maybe it has something to do with the X's? Maybe?

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I know we used to gather around one another in community if someone found an article discussing rates that were ridiculous and I wondered if you all might find time to also post a comment on this article if you agree. My comment is nearly as long as the article - hehe, but was a bit upset that they would post this content, but also that Zest would carry it at all.

Many VAs now do a lot of marketing, SEO and more. I know we do. Just felt that often, esp. for SEO, we have been trained for years, obtained certifications and more...

Ok, Ok, I'll stop my rant now and let you have look.... thanks!

I appreciate feedback.

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Sometimes the world demands you stop and look....
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