Looking for some advice - I give an AP multiple choice exam at the beginning of the year to see where my students are...and I have many that earned over 80% correct. Any suggestions for what to do with these types of high-flyers?

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High School English Teachers:
Our new administration wants us to use a stations rotation model in all our high school English classrooms this year (and from now on, presumably). My thinking has been that this is a model better suited to elementary and middle school classrooms than to high school classrooms. However, I really want to hear from my English teacher colleagues before I actually decide to take on the issue. Please help by sharing your view.

If you'd be willing to share additional thoughts on the question, those would be appreciated too.

Do you use a stations rotation model in your high school English classroom?
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Yes, and it works.
No; I wish we did.
Yes, and it doesn't work.
No; I'm glad we don't.

I am a teacher in a rural charter school, and this is my 4th year teaching AP Literature. I am trying to focus more on timed writing and timed writing strategies. Does anyone have any ideas for helping students feel more comfortable with the 45-minute timeframe, other than just practice, practice, practice?

I'm serving on my district's curriculum adoption committee and would be very interested in some input from colleagues outside my district. The choice seems to have come down to "Collections" (by Houghton Mifflin Harcourt), or "Paths to College and Career" (by PCG Education/Josse Bass). I'm not sure either is a great choice but have serious misgivings about the latter. 

If you can offer an informed/experienced opinion on either of these options, I would sincerely appreciate it.

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A fun and effective Common Core variation on an old idea.

Today my senior English students analyzed their peers as "text". 
More precisely, they analyzed personal symbols covered in words, a creation designed to be a self-expression of the student.

The analysis process served as another early experience in close reading, with emphasis on the importance of specific diction and patterns of language. (The link below provides the instructions for the project and the analysis process.)


So happy to be part of this community.  Teaching 12th grade AP Literature for the first time....Any tips on periods I should be sure to cover? 

Does anyone attending the AP Lit Reading this year need a roommate? 

Does anyone have an AP Lit rubric in a Google Spreadsheet? Would like to use it with Goobric.

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Using Everlast's "What It's Like" video today as an exercise in close reading/text analysis--meaning conveyed through imagery and symbol beyond simply words on the page.

Anyone have ideas for a classic work to pair with A Prayer for Owen Meany?
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