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Anyone what to play freedom wars I'm new here .Not to brag but i can more then hold my own.I don't do pvp.
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How does anyone make any type of progress in this game? Select a mission for two Hourians and get nether. Just three elementally resistant bipeds. It took me forever to beat a mission where the target was a heat and frost biped because I had to go through another four first. And I just keep running out of time. Simply upgrading my weapon is another thirty minute fight. What this game needs is a serious bout of restraint, armour, and possibly no time limit.

The game is only 2.99 atm. Let expect some influx of new players. Let's contribute for the greater good of our panopticin. ( ^ ^)

I have to wonder why the player wasn't allowed to have the knuckle weapon Uwe used nor the gun Beatrice used. Abel's sword would've been awesome since he could launch projectiles for some reason.


Sinner Name: Yuki "Scarlet" Toshiki
Gender: Female
Years: 0
Weapons: Azoth (power - 2352), EZ Batrach K1 (power - 1973)
Panopticon: Toronto
Thorn: Shield

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My favorite OST in Freedom Wars 😄😄😄😄

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I don't own this video I am just sharing it

Hey I'm looking for players that want to play the game with me if so add me Waeface

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