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Google Copyright Abuse Reporting Changes?

Has the DMCA page changed recently? Now when hitting report abuse and selecting copyright you're taken to this page... 

It kinda hides the link to where you fill out the old style report, but links to a 'legal report' page with video... 
The video appears to have been published first a few months ago... 

Note last paragraph on the first link... 
Google will, in appropriate circumstances, terminate repeat infringers.

#DMCA #Copyright 

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Sometimes it's worth challenging a business using you photos without payment/permission, even if they still refuse to pay
+Maxwell Dubler brings up some great points in the discussion with the 'guilty party'.

“We’re just a small business, we can’t afford it.”
Dude. Man. Bro. Guy. Your company has worldwide distribution and I asked you for twenty five f**king dollars. You can afford it. Think of it as an intellectual-property parking ticket. Pay me.

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This guy commented on one of my images, but it was reported as SPAM...his page is full of vidoes, but also shares of images that still have the signature of the original shooter...but he has re-edited them....poorly...the first image on his page is one from Mark Metternich...

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I am shock with this fact.. 
Important notice – I am very sad to report that it appears that a “contributor” has been posting photos that are not original. Exposure will not tolerate copyright infringement /Plagiarism and so that person has been removed from our competitions and blocked. I noted that the exif details are absent from the photos posted! If the “photographer” would be kind enough to post the make of camera, settings, date taken etc it would be nice for us all to see. BTW google suggests that the picture of you that your sister took is in fact the surfer Alana Blanchard. I have contacted Taye for an explanation but she has not responded.

And from the last 10 days of posts ( many thanks for the detective work Xav Darblanc) => Belongs to Paul Farrell - - uploaded 2013
=> Belong to Adam Burton - -
=> Belongs to George Draskóy - - uploaded 2010
=> Belongs to Samuel Sharpe - uploaded 2011
=> Belongs to Patrick Emerson - uploaded 2008 => This one is amazingly common on wallpaper websites - - -
=> This one is quite common as well. Seems to belong to an user nicknamed "Chaky" on Interface Lift - => Belongs to CARMEN SOLLA - uploaded 2012
=> This one is barely common on more than 20 websites - -
=> This one belongs to Joe Parks - uploaded 2013

All these results are from . Feel free to check them.

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I did not take this image.  However after I commented that it looked very like one on flickr the poster has added my name at the top !

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I found an image shared by Liliana (link shared). The photograph did clearly the work of talented photographer +Phil Koch, first his unique style and signature colors and then his watermark is at the bottom, "Horizons by Phil Koch." I had commented that Liliana should give credit where credit is due, only to find the comment deleted and Liliana passing of the photo as if she did it. I reported the post and hope others do until it's removed and Liliana is banned.

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Offending on Facebook but was still struck by it today. no photo credits for images that are easy to find source for. They are just lazy. From my post on my own G+ profile:

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Noticed a beautiful shot earlier today in a "photo a day" group by a guy that I had never heard of. Did a reverse image search, as is tradition, and found out that the poster had intentionally cropped out the watermark of this image:!-by-pai-shaka?from=user and posted it as his own. 

You can find the thief's post here: and his full G+ page here: , but I've been blocked from it after calling out his photo theft, so I can't share or report any more of his posts.

He has 26,000 followers and is getting regular traffic to his spammy posts by swiping the photos of others and passing them off as his own.

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Thanks  +Mike F Shaw  for expressing his opinion on plagiarism and copyright infringement - An Open Letter to शकुंतला देवी माता हरि,      #devimatahari , a frequent photo copyright infringer and plagiarist.
#copyrightinfringement   #plagiarism   #phototheft   #photothief   #picturetheft   #picturethief   #शकुंतलादेवीमाताहरि
An Open Letter To Devi Matahari

Over the years of being a social media photographer I have come to learn certain things will always happen.

There will be people that will download my images, I do not mind as I feel if it gives them some pleasure then the image has served a purpose. I even have no real objections to people using my work as long as it's not for commercial gain. Recently I have seen a lot of what I call my ramblings that some feel is poetry show up in all different places, some with credits and some without, once again it's not a big issue to me.

What I find sad though is when someone such as yourself uses the words I put to images of homeless people and speak of my mental health disability as their own. On this occasion I can disregard the fact you stole the whole story but I struggle to understand why you would want to "steal" someone's illness as your own?

You have several posts saying how you love to have haters, I don't hate you, I pity you in that you feel you need to portray yourself as being someone else and to suffer someone else's metal disorder so as to simply solicit sympathy.

I have tried to speak to you privately but you decided to ignore me, guilt has a way of making people justify what they do. I shall leave you to your life, from a non hater just someone that now pity's you.

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