25 members in this Community! A nice number. Lets aim for 50 next! Get 30 and Ill hold a vote for a new moderator. Get 50 and Ill add another.

Two weeks left everyone. :-)

Two weeks remain in the school year. How many friends can you get to join Google Plus?

School year is coming to a close. What better way to stay in touch with your friends than getting them on G+? Our community should be expanding, lets do just that! 

Hey, No one has posted anything in a while, so what's up everyone?
Happy snow day!

How is your week back in school? Did you have a good break? Anyone attending alpine club this Friday? So many questions. Can you answer them all?

Welcome to the New Year! Did you make your New Years Resolutions?

Merry Christmas to everyone!

Throwin out some sleet to my home boy D- dog! +Dylan Heikkila 
lol my brothah from anotha motha!

Did everyone get their fem tickets?... because it's tomorrow...so if you don't and you're planning to go, you should probably figure that out..
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