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Say Hello To My New OC!!!!
Prince Flash Flare!!!!

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I don't think I sighed up here so...

Name: Fire Flame

Alias/nickname: Smokey

Age: 16

Gender: Female

Species: Pony mix

Sexuality: Bi

Nationality: English

Personality: Strict, caring, protective, bold, humble, kinda like a put me first pony

Fears: Loneliness, disappointment, hurting ponies, messing up

Weaknesses: ^

Clothing: A collar (at home), royal guard outfit when on duty

Backstory: Fire was a castaway who yearned to have friends but she was always out of place. She was teased for being smart but not the smartest, she got over it when she met the princess in town one day and decided to enroll for the Royal Guard.

Other: She can see in the dark


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Name: Prince Desii

Alias/nickname: he likes to be called Desii

Age: he is currently 18

Gender: Male

Species: allicorn

Sexuality: he is still trying to find himself most likely gay

Nationality: United kingdom

Personality: outgoing, kind, cheerful, respectful, clumsy, sort of shy, a little awkward
Fears: thunderstorms, the ocean, sharks. his biggest fear is the dark. he also has a fear of heights

Weaknesses: go back and read his fears one more time

Clothing: an accessory that looks like the collar of a dress shirt

Backstory: Desii was a young colt when he was sent to ponyville. He was just a little Pegasus when princess Celestia chose him to become an alicorn. He grew up being respected by many, but he didn't mind being treated as if her were any other pony.

Other: he doesn't have a cutie mark. he has a British accent

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Alright everyone, I'm going to go back to my original RP idea that I hope everyone will enjoy! So your OCs live on the island Dark Cloud. My OC MoonDrop is the ruler, the Island is beside Equestria a little ways off. Celestia, Luna, and Cadence with all their children (your OCs) I advise that no one uses an OC that is son or daughter of Luna because the whole reason why they decided to do a meeting (of war and friendship and blah blah) was because MoonDrop wanted to tell her Mother, Luna, that she was her daughter. (All will be explained as we rp) but then Queen C (Changeling queen) decides to take this chance to destroy then princess and make a hive inside that castle and than rule Equestria and eat the love of everypony. Sound fun? Good! (Dark cloud castle below, my art)

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Moondrop stood in Canterlot with a spell over her wings making them invisible. She was having a visit with Princess Celestia about their kingdoms and the recent Changeling and manbeast thing that escaped from the dungeons. But meeting up with Celestia, meant meeting up with her mom. She just needed a freind to help her out with this.

Role play! Place: Dark Cloud city Plot: ??? (Join to find out)

Moondrop was on the tallest tower of her castle and the clouds were darker than usual it looked like it was fixing to rain, hard. Her shadow like wings and hair blended in with the darkness as she looked up to the moon before the clouds covers it. It was a day, she will never forget and the torture that came with it.

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Again, don't mind the selfie! Alright so who here knows how to role play? All of you? THEN LETS ROLE PLAY, thank you 😝

Alright so instead of doing it all about my kingdom, darkcloud city, let's all just do what royalty places we want but you do have a descion if you want to be there my OC Soul searcher will be! Also ask some freinds to join! Send a link start to chats share your art! 😀

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Hello my silly little role players of MLP. We need a rp plot like gahhh. So I'm thinking since this will always be mostly around my kingdom, Dark Cloud. (Ask what it's like in le comments mer sillies) so I always make a villain to go with it.. I've done queen changeling lady mare person with le holes in le legs. I've done Night terror and I've done.. some other evil pony. So I think this time everyone will help create a character.. IF ACTUALLY WILLING I MEAN SERIOUSLY YOU LAZY ROLE PLAYERS OF AMAZINGNESS. So yea. Don't mind my horrible selfie I have shared before to people's.. lol just a pic to fill in le blank of boringness. So yea. Once we get the villain made I will pro come up with a THAT. and maybe even a theme song cause I'm crazy xD

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Soul x Dusk sketch comic (maybe turning into an rp) look closely at the mare at the end ;)
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