Name: Heart
Age: 15
Gender: Female
Personality: Kind, caring and motherly
Bio: Heart was born in America and when she was seven years old she and her family decided to move to Japan and the timing not so great digimon were coming into earth Takoto, Guilmon and the other tamers were fighting them Heart always went to see the Digimon along with that she got a blue card and didn't know what to do then one day is walked to the park went onto the playground and met Suize they talked about Digimon then they saw something fly by Suize saw her brother and he's digimon a portal opened Heart gave Suzie a pair of sunglasses and ran down the slide and over to her farther and a man that he works with she got their attention they noticed got up and tried to get Suize it was too late Heart went over they got up told Heart that portal goes to the digital world she said that she knows about Digimon and where they came from they take Heart back home and few later she went out to the see Suize, her brother his friends and their Digimon she ran to the place where they would came back she waited with Suize's family the ship came up they came over Suzie, her brother and he's digimon came over they family reunion Suize hugged Heart she pulled away and her brother and he's digimon cameĀ  Heart this is my big brother Henwry and Terriemon Suize said. Nice to meet you Heart Suize told me about you Henry said. Nice to meet you too Henry and Terriemon Heart said happily.
Crush:doesn't have any
Other: Heart's outfit consists of a pair of sunglasses, a white shirt with a Crest of hope a orange hoodie, jeans with a chain and belt, a Heart necklace from Ryo and Cyberdramon and black steel toe boots, Heart has light red hair with blue highlights long messy style, sliver and light red eyes with a scar under left eye the scar came from when Cyberdramon lost control and attcked Heart by accident.
Digimon name: Ashemon and Black Patamon ( surprise two digimon they siblings )
Gender: Male and female
Age: 10 and 11
Personality: Ashemon is kind and carefree Black Patamon is kind, caring and brave
Bio: Ashemon and Black Patamon were born after the battle with the D-Reaper Heart slid the blue card in her card reader and like Terriemon they came out of the computer and her card reader become a digivice she went right to Wong's apartment and they met Suize and Henry then she ran over to the bakery they met she went to all of other tamers house Ryo and Cyberdramon already met them she ran back home and made beds for them.
Crush: Ashemon has a crush on Lopmon and Black Patamon has a crush on Guilmon
Other: Their other names are Ashton and Blake and Ashemon looks like Terriemon but with two horns and wings his colors are grey, white and silver.

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impmon e terreimon

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Name: Alex lee
Age: 14
Gender: female
Partner: cupimon
Partner Personality: changes on evolutions
Crest: forgiveness
Digidestined: yes
Personality: kind,sweet,shy brave when it comes to her digimon
Partners evolution line: baby: puttimon in-training: cupimon rookie: lucemon child mode champion: lucemon fall down mode ultimate: lucemon knight mode mega: lucemon holy mode
Bio: alex found cupimon as a puttimon and rased him he is her best friend and the both share a vary strong bond so much so cupimon acks like a stuffed animal so Alex can tae him everywhere with her so he can keep her safe

(Putting cupimons evolution line in pictures)
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Name: Zoxas
Age: 15
Gender: male
Digimon: Veemon
Digimon name: V

So what the lay out for characters
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