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For all those who have joined, welcome! My name is Skyy and I'm the owner of this community. The reason why I made this community is because I wanted to make a place where emos would be happy. They're mistreated by society and I want to do something about it. That's why I made this community, because emos matter and they are human beings. They are just like us and deserve so much better.

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Hey guys what should I call my band???
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The Four Outcasts
Beware The Ides Of October

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Hello everyone. This is a pic of me last year. I thought my life couldn't get any worse

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Happy Halloween everyone

Hey, everyone. I'm so bored. Feel to add me on hangouts. Have an awesome day!

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Andy's so funny. HA!

I have no words for the pain I'm having. I actually tried to cut over the weekend. I almost overdosed on my pills! FUCK ME!!!!!!

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What's up, my peeps? :3

Skyy the Vampire Sylveon, here!

I apologize for not being on Google+ very much...
I have Facebook now, so I pay hardly any attention to Google+.
But if any of you guys have Facebook, feel free to add me (Pearl Ziegler)

Stay strong xx.

Thanks for accepting me
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