Hello community,
I wish you all the best for this new year!
I want to start this year by anouncing a subject to talk about every month.
So we would start this year with news from the boatshow Boot in Düsseldorf, starting at the 18. Anybody wanting me to find, or find out something specific, let me know. FellerYachting is at the show as well in Hall 7.
If someone of you has a point to discuss, please go ahead.


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This project and prototype  we made for the company Silicon Fire AG in Switzerland is a little Showcase of our design- and engineering work beside what we are doing in the yachting world.
What it is :
It is part of the work on range extenders we are doing. It is a generator running on regenerative SiliconFire methanol, able to produce up to 20 kW of electric power.
It can be used as a standalone charging unit for electric vehicles of all kinds. 

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Range at higher speeds is the big problem of battery-driven pleasure crafts. We can only take a very limited amount of energy with us on board but at the same time we also use a lot of it, because we constantly "run uphill".
Fact is, that with limited power, only a certain weight can be moved at a certain speed and agility on the water.
How do you approach this problem?
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