Is my room haunted? I'm scared that it is. All of these stories are evidence that it might be.

1. Read my first post. That took place in my room.

2. Once I woke up in the middle of the night and saw a girl. Not a little one. I couldn't tell what age it might have been but it looked kind of like an adult. It was short and it's head was all weird. It's hard to explain but I'll try. It's head kinda came to a point but it looked more sunken in on the sides than pointing straight up. It was a little chubby and like I said pretty short. It looked maybe 5 feet or 5'1. It slowly walked toward me a couple steps. Then I snapped out of it. This piece of evidence has an explanation though because I was watching a documentary about primordial dwarfism and she kinda looked like one.

3. I have a music box in my room and it just started playing. And explaination for that is that sometimes if a music box isn't completely done playing it might finish playing if something jolts it like shutting a door.

4. I have a light over a shelf that's in an indent in my wall where I put candles, an alarm clock, etc. You have to press the switch multiple times to dim it/turn it off or make it lighter/turn completely on. It was always working normally but one day I turned it completely off and when I was getting out of bed the light randomly turned back on. The only explanation for this is that maybe when I was getting out of bed the bed moved and hit the wall and that made it turn on or maybe something hit it when the wall shook but I don't know. I feel like that one is really hard to explain.

I think that maybe these are all coincidences but I also think that it's really weird that they all happened in my room and it happened a lot. If it was/is haunted I hope that it's not anymore. I think everything is probably over now because nothing like that has happened in a while.


This happened to me

As I walked my normal path to home the rain was pouring down. I live in Florida so we get rain quite often. I forgot my umbrella not knowing what the weather would be like today. I sighed knowing my house was about half a mile. So of course it takes awhile to get home,and I am the last person off the bus. Walking I saw a white truck, I know almost everyone in my neighborhood no one owned a truck in it. Very confused I thought it could be a relative of someone, so I did not pay much attention to it. As the truck got closer and closer I noticed there was no other cars in the road. I started to get really freaked out. There was a man driving the truck, I found out the closer it got. I was literally about to run. That is when I noticed his face was all disfigured, he didn't even look human. That is when I made a run for it, I ran past the truck and it went in the opposite direction. Soon it turned the corner thinking I lost him, I ran the rest of the way home. The truck passed by my house, I could see from my bedroom window. He continued to pass by every so often. Until he stopped and drove out of the neighborhood, at least I think he did. It has been 3 years since then, I have not seen the truck over those years. But I will still feel someone is watching me.

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