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Welcome one and all to the Dollars! 
Password for the main site: Baccano

1. Rps are to be kept to a minimum. (No full out Rps on the site)
2. Swearing is legal.
3. No sexual harassment of any kind.
4. Trolling is banned.
More rules may be added at a later date.

Hellos and Goodbyes Introduce yourself! Or say Farewell.
News Share any kind of news that interests you.
Missions Any kind of mission (Such as Missing persons, Random acts of Kindness, or just some ideas for improvement.
Anime Share any and all kinds anime related things.
Random Exactly what it is.
Motivational Just a feel good thread.

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Hey guys, if you guys are looking for a chat to use we have a discord chat for dollars members...

Is this group active?
I'm working on a big project so I need some information on the group

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Hello, everyone!
The name's Jinx Flames! 
And i own this Community. 
I hope you all will enjoy this community
and use it to the best of your ability!
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