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Hello! :) How are you doing?
Today I am extremely positive about anything! :)
If you haven't heard my latest song #LaVidaAmiga you can hear it now in my YouTube channel.

Moreover you can download a short version from my song for a ringtone from this link:

If you are interested into my musical career you can check my YouTube channel, all of my songs are uploaded there:

If you know more about me, you can check all the links below! :)
First is my website where you can read and see everything connected with me. Biography, pictures, events, news, a sea full with information for people who have heard my music and are interested to know the latest news.
Then Facebook - daily posts connected with what is happening with me on daily basis. I am sure you will find interesting information there.
Twitter - also daily posts connected with me, my music, the events connected with my musical career! :)

Find and follow Avi Benedi at:
• Website:
• Facebook:
• Twitter:
• Instagram:
• SoundCloud:
• VK:

In general I just love music! :) But not only as a hobby, during all of my life I have been interested in improving the talents I have and now I am a successful singer, producer, I am mixing music and I write songs for myself and my colagues.
If you check the links I have given, you will see that my career is full with crossovers and I just love making changes once in a while!
At the moment I am making songs on Spanish language, one of the few languages I don't really know very well. My first song is released, second is on it's way to the audience!
Let's make here a nice and positive community. People who love life, who appreciate their friends, who has hobbies and like to have fun! :)

#AviBenedi #LaVidaAmiga #Producer #Positiveperson #Singer 

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A new song of #IndiraRadic is released now!
Music: #AviBenedi

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For those who love playing games in rainy days, I would like to challenge them and give them something interesting to do. Behind the transparent is a picture of me and one of my colleagues who is also a singer, but the picture is specially blurred, because she is also a very famous singer in Bulgaria! :)
Let's see who will be able to guess right and who will not recognize her :)

#AviBenedi #newsong #comingsoon #OyeSenorita

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:) Hello once more, this is my latest song, I hope you like it! :) 
Hello dear community, I would like to present you one of my songs! :)
I will be glad if I read your true opinion about it ;)
Thank you so much in advance ;)
This is my first experience with Google communities, please don't be too hard ;) 

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Hello, today my wonderful mom is having a birtdhay!

"Ich will einer Frau in dieser Welt Danke sagen und ihr sagen das ich sie mehr liebe als meine Musik , diese Frau hat mir das Leben geschenkt und mich zu dem gemacht was ich heute bin,und das ist meine Mama!! Mama ich liebe dich über alles und wünsche dir das beste in deinem Leben! Du hast alles! Die Gesundheit ist das wichtigste! Bleib uns immer gesund und glücklich !! Wir lieben Dich. Happy birthday!! Mazal Tov!!" Is my personal message for her!
Love you! <3 
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