I would like to request features, additions to the app.

To set custom dates for budgets, ability to sort through credit paid back, and a theme option.

Hi, i've logged in with my Google account after a wipe and can't restore my google backup. Could you help me?

Good news! I continue to update this app, please join our beta testing to get the latest version of the app with new expense distribution in statistics. Please do send feedback if you found any bugs or issue

Beta version will be updated with every issue so if you have any issue I can fix it immediately.

I'm unable to import my CSV from local storage, Dropbox or Google Drive. Monas says "Failed to import. Please try to import from another file manager."

Phone model: Samsung S7
Monas build version:

Can you recommend the best way? Thanks in advance.

If I am logged in with my Google account and I want to share with someone else, do I have to share my Google credentials? What is the other option?

Hi +Huteri Manza​. I requested you long time ago to reset my password. Please reset it because I don't remember my password and there is no option to recover it. Thanx!

Please make an option to change primary colour of the app. It would be great.

+Huteri Manza I have problems with the restore option. I changed device and tried to restore data from the old device to the new one, I reset the data on the old and logged to the new but the data restored automatically are not completed.. they stopped at November 2016! I tried to make a manual backup on the old device and then tried to restore this on the new but monas tells me the file chosen for the restore is not valid. How to have a complete restore on the new device?

Hey bought the pro version today. Reset data, created an account, logged in.
Then I installed the play store version on my girlfriends phone (not pro) and logged in with the same account. After that I got logged out on my phone. Tried it several times but as soon as I log in to the other phone the first one is logged out.
How can I use my account on both phones?

hello, i've read about the inability to restore from gdrive (googled it after i faced the "invalid file" issue). But I did not make a backup to dropbox or es file explorer before I wipe and freshly install my phone. is there any way to restore the file using the one i make directly backed up to gdrive (cause it's the only backup file i have)?. thanks
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