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Name:newt 'con' locklake (or The Purple Nightmare bunny)
Height: 8.2
Weight:2 stone
Appearance:(picture below)
Species:demon but likes to look like a rabbit person
Bio:nocturnal with a stubborn mood but insanity can take him to a lost world
Intelligence: 14/15
Agility: 11/15

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hi I'm Jessie and this is my big sister Rose and only picking one of us will be the worst decision of your life

Name: Jessie.


Height: 4'6.

Gender: Female.

Appearance: light brown hair always tied up in pigtails using little skulls, clothes involve a short black dress, windup bat wings and the eyes are silver swirls

Personality: when she first meets people she's quiet and shy but when she gets to know you she becomes more and more dark and morbid then the last time you saw her

Sexuality: straight

Species: human.....I think

Bio: _Daddy was always mean to mommy and me so......... I snapped and killed him. To bad mommy didn't like didn't like it we went on a "trip" to a beach and she left me stranded there and that's where I met my big sister rose.....(continued in roses bio)


Strength: 9/15

Intelligence: 13/15

Speed: 7/15

Agility: 7/15

Total: 36

I sigh as I drop onto the branch below the one I had been sitting on, blood covered my fingers and mouth as I smirked, licking the blood off Another great hunt...You had been following me yet I wasn't sure why...I hopped out of the tree when I was finally clean and started humming my theme song as I walked towards the school You's considered impolite not to introduce yourself...I chuckled

//This is Hikaru Himada and an open rp but please ask first..//

Vincent Jr.
Purple skin with puple hair and black glasses
Personality: A good listener,bad tempered,and a bit shy
Sexuality: Straight
Weapons: Knife
Human with purple skin color
Bio: As a child he was put through many adoptions and foster homes,he went through many hard times finding out about his fathers death and he carried the legacy as loving animals and really good wirh kids
Strength: 6/15
Intelligence: 14/15
Speed: 9/15
Agility: 15/15
Theme Song: Monster By Skillet

wakes up after a nap to see Mei resting on top of me resting as strange as it is I let you sleep as I just lay there holding you (closed to +Brycan Broun​)

Where have all the good men gone!!!

Well....this place died fast...

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Be happy. Be who you want to be. If others don't like it, then let them be. Happiness is a choice. Life isn't about pleasing everybody.

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I finally reached my room, not noticing you standing in the corner as I began to get comfortable Finally a bed!~ I smile and toss myself onto the bed


Thank you little sister +Brycan Broun
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