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Welcome to the world of the Divided Forest. I'm Shiloh, the alpha of the Pack of The Waning Moon! Here is where you can start roleplays after you created your character in the category titled, 'Applications'! Go check out the category 'Community Guidelines + Help' to get started!

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Name: Shiloh

Gender: Female

Species: Wolf

Pack/Clan: Pack of The Waning Moon

Rank: Alpha

Sexuality: Bisexual

Personality: A wise, down to earth, realist type of wolf. She thinks before she acts and couldn't be more loyal to her pack. Yet her realistic view on life leads her to believe that the spirits of her ancestors aren't real, which leads to her ability to always think outside the box, but it is also her greatest flaw considering most wolves look to the ancestors of the after life for guidance.

Backstory: When Shiloh was a pup, her mother was the beta of the pack so she usually wasn't around during her puphood. This didn't have much of an effect on Shiloh though, but since her mother wasn't around to tell her about the spirits of the after life, she never had the chance to believe in them and grew up in a more realistically viewed environment.

She wasn't very social, which led to her constant devotion to her pack and made her a fine wolf. After her mother was slaughtered in a badger skirmish at the lake border, she was declared beta. Many, many, seasons past and the current alpha retired to the elders. She became leader of her pack, and leads them to this day.

Pack of The Waning Moon

The wolves of the Pack of the Waning Moon are known to have adapted night vision and are normally sleek and well-fed. The feast on moose, rabbits, hares, deer, bird, and rodents.

Alpha// Shiloh
Beta// ???
Healer// ???
Members// ???
Nursing Wolves// ???
Pups// ???


1. Be ethical and use common sense.

2. Never post in the discussion category if you do not have at least one approved character! Doing of such will result in the post being removed and you gaining a strike, three strikes and you will be kicked from the community and all of your posts will be removed.

3. Post in the appropriate category.

4. Any disrespectful behavior, discrimination, spam, impersonation of staff, vulgar language, or general rudeness will result in a strike, deletion of the post or comment, or being kicked from the community determined by how severe the act was.

5. Abide and respect the staff. A staff's word is law. No ifs, bits, or buts.

6. Please make your character make sense. For example, a character with pink fur and a rainbow eyes isn't allowed.

7. Mary-Sues and Gary-Stu's aren't welcome here.

8. If you have a complaint, privately message the owner and they will take care of it. You don't need to nag about it and throw a temper tantrum in front of the whole community.

9. Gore and violence is allowed, but keep it to a minimum whilst roleplaying please.

10. Have fun!

Hiya! Welcome to the community guidelines and help of our lovely roleplaying community! Here is where you can read up and learn our expectations here, also read some advice from other roleplayers! If you are an approved roleplayer, you can post your advice her and if a staff finds it valid they will leave it or if it is not valid information you will be notified of such and the post will be removed.
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