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Name: Professor Hex
Nickname: Hex

Age: 45 appearance; 20

Bio: He's our mad scientist who skilled in the works of dark magic and shadows. He's extremely powerful and should be taken seriously when things need to get done, don't worry he's a nice guy and quite playful....but is sometimes twisted and shows his bad sides on purpose just so you know he can turn on you in a blink of an eye for science!

Powers: can use special containers of shadows as grunts that can actually get the job done, he is also skilled in combat and won't hesitate to draw a weapon if needed, he also controls shadows by will and can use them to make strange illusions.

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Faction: Fairy Tail

Organization: Council Of Mages/Wizards

Rank: S - Class

Quotes: For centuries people have looked to the sky's for everything....why stop now?

The sky is endless and full of possibilities so keep on dreaming and work on making that dream a reality.

As the wind can be soft, gentle and warm, at the blink of an eye it can easily turn relentless, harsh and cold.

Name: Lagi El Nagil

Age: 19

Gender: Male

Species: Human (Wizard)

Wizard Type: Air Wizard

Magic Used: Air Magic, Wind Magic, Airspace

Abilities and spells:
Aerial - creates a dome, lowering the oxygen it the dome area and as a result, suffocating all inside; as the pressure has been altered inside the dome, those in it experience a sharp pain in their ears.

Aerial Shot - swipes his hand and levitates nearby rocks, which are then shot at the target

Aerial Levitation - creates a soft whirlwind under him which allows him to descend slowly; another way it is done is by creating an air bubble around him allowing him to descend slowly.

Aerial Phose - After swinging both of his hands in a circular motion around his body, he pulls his target towards him, before enveloping them in a sphere like cyclone to inflict damage as well as destroy any surrounding obstacles.

Air Bomber - He creates a giant air sphere that rises upward and, upon contact with anything, explodes.

Mist Body - He transforms his body into mist allowing him to roam around freely at high speeds and teleport. While in this state, all physical and magical attacks are negated.


Wind Wall - He creates a tornado that surrounds a certain area in order to cut it off from the outside world. Things from the outside can enter it, while the ones from the inside will get cut into pieces if they try to get out of it.

Storm Bringer - offensive spell in which the user moves their hand in a pattern, manipulating the surrounding wind. A magic seal appears and releases it as a tornado under the target. Once this tornado catches the target, it spins and sends them flying.

Storm Mail - He puts his arms in an "X" pattern in front of himself, manipulating wind to spin around him until he is covered by an armor of wind. This armor does not only increase his defenses, but also augments his destructive power. This armor of wind constantly blows wind inside out

Storm Shred - He creates several blades of wind that attack the target.

Emera Baram - he first engulfs himself with wind, then he places his two index and middle fingers in an X-shape in front of himself and fires a concentrated blast of wind blades at the target.

Magic Wind Palm - He claps both his hands together, releasing a highly destructive tornado.

Dread Spiral - While airborne, he creates a streak of black wind from his hand as he spins around rapidly, creating a black whirlwind around himself and various other ones around the area. Anyone caught in these is spun around and then sent flying violently.

Roar of the Mom - he sucks in air before releasing a tornado of black wind, powerful enough to counter the Fire Dragon's Roar of a Dragon Slayer

Metsu - he hits his target with energy and completely drains their Magic Power from them. The Magic then hangs in the air, before it ultimately dissipates. The damage dealt is equivalent to the target's Magic Power; therefore, the higher the victim's Magic Power, the greater the damage.

Zetsu - fires multiple blasts of air at the target which detonate around them

Zero - The air around the him whirlwinds inwardly around the him until completely covered by it. He then faces his open palms towards the target, releasing golden speckles in that direction. The exact abilities of this spell are unknown, however, it was stated that this particular spell was the airspace of death.

Teleportation - By using this spell, he becomes intangible to physical and Magical attacks and is able to move invisibly through the airspace.

Items and Weapons:
Air Shatter Cannon - (The Air Shatter Cannon is a small, compact, light blue cylinder.) It is designed to release Wind Magic for battle; however, if used incorrectly, it can create large tornadoes that he is unable to control, thus possibly resulting in him being blown away, instead of his intended targets.

Wind God Armor - The Wind God Armor takes the form of a tribal-type robe that covers his upper body in a dark yellow waist coat-like garb. The neckline is topped with white fur along with a black hem underneath said fur, with short hanging sleeves that end with a brown and yellow triangular pattern along the sleeves' hem. A fur lined green sash that sits beneath his bust, above the bust keeps the garb tied up and the ends of the coat fanned out by his thighs. Along his forearms are white bandages strapped around them from the wrist to below the elbow. The lower portion of the armor consists of a pair of black pants and light, shin high boots where the tongue is flanked by the main body of the boot flaring out slightly. The armor is completed with a pair of wings that sit either side of his head and with his hair tied into a low ponytail.

Wind God Sword - (The Wind God Sword is a magical sword with an air-based repertoire to it. The grip of the blade is composed of a long, rolled-up handle with a wide base, with the sword having multiple curved edges, leading up to the rolled-up tip at the end of the blade.) The Wind God Sword bases its attacks around wind manipulation; with just a swing of the blade it can create turbulent winds, able to disperse whatever that user slashes at.

Gale - Force Reading Glasses - (glasses are given a slightly more distinctive appearance, with no inscriptions on the lenses, and the wing being present as an ornament jutting out from each of the lenses' sides instead. They can also come in different colors such as blue and orange) Gale-Force Reading Glasses allow him to read books at an extremely rapid pace.
Gale-Force Reading Glasses come in different models. The reading speed varies depending on the quality of the glasses:

2x - The lowest quality; the user can read books around 2 times faster.
18x - Second-grade, the user can read books 18 times faster.
32x - One of a higher quality; the user can read books around 32 times faster.
64x - The highest quality without the infusion of Wind Magic. It enables the user to read 64 times faster.
120x - By infusing the glass Lacrima with Wind Magic, the Gale-Force Reading Glasses can boost the speed of reading up to 120 times without sacrificing the desired thinness of the glasses.

Bio: Classified
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name:Mei Tachibana
anime:say I love you
personality:shy,mean sometimes.
don't likes:people
family:mum and dad
crush:Yamato Kurosawa
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