Well, I guess it's time for my annual nudge to get you guys to record an episode. Should I keep a spot for you in my podcatcher library?

FWIW, these days I've been loving my BlackBerry KeyOne! A topic maybe???

Well, there's certainly been lots of tech news since last time you guys were on the air. Just thought I would bug you to record another podcast because I very much enjoy hearing your take on things!

Great discussion on MS's worsening mobile situation as shown with the new Lumias. Totally agree.

I've stayed with the iPhone since the very beginning. Every once in awhile I get a wild hair to change to an Android or, more recently, a Blackberry - but, after 8 years I am so invested in hundreds of purchased iOS apps and the overall Apple ecosystem that I just stand pat. Besides, it all works so reliably, securely and easily.

Still, I am nothing if not agnostic. I have two iPads, a remotely hosted MacMini, a Jide Remix Ultra Tablet, and a Chinese Windows 10 Surface tablet (dual boots with Android, no thanks to Microsoft). After having a Compaq MS DOS "luggable" (1984), Mac (1985), many Windows PC desktops & laptops (1989 on), two Mac PowerBooks (2003-14), Mac Mini (2012 'til now) two Surface RTs (2013-14), and Chromebook (2014-15) ... now for the first time in well over 30 years I no longer own or require either a desktop or a laptop. I rely on one of three tablets: iOS, Android and Windows 10. I use MS Office across all three. All files are shared (and backed up) cross platform using iCloud, OneDrive and/or GDrive. All my music library is in iTunes Match and sync'd to Google Music. Apple even has a beautiful Apple Music app in the Google Play Store which lets me play all my iTunes Library when I'm on Android. All my photos are in Apple Photo Library and sync' to Google Photos.

Once upon a time Mr. Softy had an opportunity to attract me back into the Windows ecosystem. But they screwed me over by dropping RT. They missed the whole mobile phone opportunity by a country mile, and now we're back to ARM Windows on the Windows Phone? Seriously? "Fool me once ..."

Once upon a time all the good and necessary software was really only on Windows. Software was the one big reason you would put up with all the blue screens. Now MS is an application wasteland. And blue screens are now on phones.

Sadly, of my three tablet platforms, the Windows 10 tablet is the one I pick up the least often. It just doesn't offer me what I need anymore.

What - no podcast since mid-July? Have you stuck a fork in it?

Hey Guys, Thanks for the read-out last week of my email about the HP SlateBook 14 and our Google Plus community "Android PCs".

Just a follow-up comment: It's been my experience that working with the HP ChromeBook 14 using Chrome OS was more complicated than trying to get my projects done using the HP SlateBook 14 on Android. Here's why:

1.The Google Chrome Store app selection was crap. So, you simply couldn't do some things unless you side-loaded Ubuntu ... which proved quite a hassle as Google updates Chrome OS (and breaks the side-load) like weekly.

2. It felt like I was always needing to research cryptic Chrome commands and jump up to the URL line to enter them. And lots of playing with command parameters.

3. Using Chrome always felt like it was half-baked, a work in process. Of course, there were all the updates. Then which mode do I run in? Why is the file explorer so primitive? Do I use an extension for this? How? Ad nauseum.

I found Windows, OS X, iOS and Android way more intuitively obvious than a ChromeBook. Going 100% Chrome OS still feels like it's for the tech savvy, not the average Joe.

You guys do a great show!
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