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Hello, welcome to Isabella and Hakasa! These two find many people along their journeys like Mizu the Water Keeper and Kasai the Fire Keeper, will you met up with them?
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Have fun
(Female) Isabella: +Some Weird Otaku​​​​​​​​​​​
(Male) Hakasa: +Some Weird Otaku​​​​​​​​​​​
(Female) Mizu the Water Keeper: +Knight puppy
(Male) Chikyu the Earth Keeper:
(Female) Kasai the Fire Keeper: +CaNdy_PoP_rOx​​​​
(Male) Kaze the Wind Keeper: +Megan TheComicArtist​​​
(Female) Sora the Great Sky: +dashie 23535​​
(Male) Shi of Death:
(Female) Seikatsu of Life:
(Male) Hikari, Yami's Brother, of Light:
(Female) Ai the Great Cupid: +ღДЇЅҴЯҴЇ ЅӉЇҋѠДღ​​​​
(Male) Baransu the Great Balance:


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Rosalie sat in her old house, laying on her old bed. She didn't mind the wind that came in through the holes of the house.

+Some Weird Otaku​ should we hold posts for review, in case it may be sexual or something? Just curious.

Kasai was was in a stream sitting Indian style making steam come off of the water and she grins at her doings the lays down not noticing you coming up to her and clearing your throat hmm? she looks at you

a small pod crashes down nearby the village as someone comes out of it Damn... Crash landings can be real rough sometimes. So. Let's see. reads all the bounties that have big amounts of money Hm. Y/N... Eh. Targets a target. looks around ... Huh. Looks like someone has dealt some damage already. summons headphones and listens Bray Wyatts theme as I summon an armored utility truck and drives around slowly
(Open rp)

Main Information
Name: Dark Aura
Nickname: Darky
Age: Unknown
Birthday: 31st of August.
Personal Information
Species: Mewoskian, Aura Human
Magic/Abilities: Summoning, Age bending, genderbending and an ability to turn into an armored leviathan
Disabilities: None
Girlfriend: +Sasha Braus
Interest: Bounty hunting on big enemies.
Dislikes: Cold air, annoying people, a**holes.
Personality: Mostly positive and happy. Sometimes will be serious.
Height: 165 cm
Weight: 60 Kg
Eye Color: Brown
Extra: Left Eye on black fire
Hair Color(s)/Style: Brown. Sorta spiky.
Long or Short: Not that long
Extra: -
Clothing: Either A black and purple armor or just normal clothing.
Shirt Color/Style: Black.
Jeans Color/Style: black. Leviathan design on the right side of jeans.
Shoe Color/Style: Black main, purple secondary. Running shoes
Skin Color: Normal, White human.
Extra: Sunglasses if wearing normal clothing.
Biography: One Of the Legendary Guardians. The Leviathan. He doesn't know who his parents are. He was found in a rainy August 31st, by a man. He trained him when he was 10. He learned fast and after he was 13, he knew everything. Right now he's controlling a ship and destroying major threats around this universe, gaining glory and fame. 

(Uh... I don't really know the places so.... Sorry if you have an introduction or something. I'm afraid I didn't see it, I'll look around for it XD)
+Some Weird Otaku

Kaze sits in a grass meadow and watches the wind. Slowly closes eyes and breathes in the crisp, clean air. Thinks: The Earth is beautiful. All its elements, it's fresh wind and beautiful green fields. Spreads arms and falls back to lie in the grass

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Main Information
Name: Kasai
Nickname: Kai
Age: iv'e lost track okay?!
Birthday: June 21st
Personal Information
Species: The Fire keeper
Magic/Abilities: able to control fire and lava, able to walk on lava,
Disabilities: very weak to water and anything cold that touches her.
Crush: Kaz-Kaze. . . (if you ask her she'll deny it!)
Interest: anything hot!, summer, heat
Dislikes: cold things, Winter, annoying people
Personality: Short tempered, loud, jumps to conclusions, "bad ass", rude, tsundere

Kasai was a human girl living in Hawaii and, was going to be sacrificed to the gods, Kasai struggled against them as she didn't want to. The people didn't listen to her cries and she was thrown into the volcano Mauna Loa the largest volcano in Hawaii after she was sacrificed the fire goddess Pele came to her and said: "Kasai! I have reasoned with the gods! and have decided to spare you! I will grant you immortality but you can die! I will grant you powers because you are my most loyal giver and you will become "The Fire Keeper" and will always serve under me as my most loyal servant forever. The goddess then disappeared and kasai was reborn as "The Fire Keeper" 

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Is this okay for Kaze the Wind Keeper?

Main Information
Name: Kaze
Nickname: "You may call me whatever you wish."
Age: "As old as the wind itself."
Birthday: Unknown
Personal Information
Species: One of the element keepers (Wind)
Magic/Abilities: He can move swift like the wind and can control the wind
Disabilities: uh... Walls?
Family: None
Crush/Girlfriend or Boyfriend: None
Interest: Culture, nature, the wind, people
Dislikes: Loud people, the indoors
Personality: He's very quiet and calm. He never lashes out or raises his voice unless he's speaking to an enemy. He shows little emotion and always seems relaxed, yet on guard.
Height: 156 cms
Weight: 24 lbs (He's very light-weighted, like the wind)

He was created to be the keeper of the wind. He was created to protect and keep the element of wind alive and he has been guarding his duties for years and years. But, he never knew that anyone else was out there. He always thought that he was the one good person in the world, until he meets Isabella and Hakasa. So now he's very interested in getting to know other people. He doesn't care to talk much about himself. The only time he ever really shows emotion is when he's with a lot of people, in a crowd or so. He gets very excited to be around so many people and to feel like he belongs.

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