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Following on from the Criteria Matrix and ALUo Tool for each of the chosen destinations.

Here is the final version of our Executive Summary.

Link to Google Doc. below.

Apple Research & Development Centre (Suzhou, China) - East Asia

Apple is a company recognised worldwide for its creative working environment and innovative product line and therefore, has been identified as the perfect destination for the delegates to visit whilst in East Asia. With an investment of over $500m on its new research and development centre in Suzhou and a focus on working more closely with local partners to develop new technologies, Apple is making a big impact in the East Asian region. Visiting Apple’s R&D centre in Suzhou provides the clients’ delegates with an excellent insight into Apple's business activity, product development process as well as its production lines in the region. Providing insight into the future of business, international cultural management practices and essentially, how one of the biggest and most innovative enterprises in the world operates, something the public very rarely get to gain insight into!

Internet of Things Expo (Shenzhou, China) - East Asia

The IoT Expo, Shenzhou is the largest of its kind in Asia. Advantages include showcases numerous activities and talks valuable to the client’s criterion. The event includes x10 conferences and summits, 500 exhibitors and more than 100,000 visitors; the perfect opportunity to network. Unfortunately, the large number of attendees could limit access to important conferences. To overcome this, once the conference schedule is announced, the client must make note of the day, time and place were the conferences of interest will be held, and arrive at these ahead of schedule. Furthermore, IoT Expo has unique qualities, like the exhibition of top technological artefacts that work as solutions for all sorts of industries. These technologies include RFID, sensor network, short-range communication, financial mobile payment, middle-ware, big data processing, cloud, real-time locating as well as much more!

Google HQ (Dublin, Ireland) - EMEA

Nearly everyone on the planet who has access to the internet uses Google! With its unusual, although innovative office environment, Google enables its employees and visitors to network in such a way that no other working space in the world can offer. Google has created a ‘culture of innovation’ and has won recognition through numerous awards for the way it operates. Visiting Google’s HQ, Dublin, would be an amazing opportunity during the delegate's visit to the EMEA region. It would enable them to interact with Google’s managers and employees (even those high up in the hierarchy), to gain an excellent insight into the company’s culture and creative thought processes, as well as providing them with potential international employment opportunities. Furthermore, as such an ‘innovative company,’ it would provide insight into what’s to come for the future of business. All whilst being accessible within the client's time-frame.

Second Home (London, UK & Lisbon, Portugal) - EMEA

Second Home is a creative workspace and cultural venue, bringing together diverse industries and social businesses. It would be an excellent opportunity for senior managers and entrepreneurial delegates to gain insight into many of the criterion provided by the client, as well as being a unique, novel and exciting location to visit in the EMEA region. It’s home to some of the most ambitious and progressive startups in London and Lisbon and encourages a culturally diverse membership and workforce. Furthermore, it has an ongoing internal cultural programme called ‘Work+Life’, which houses events, talks and crash courses, all relevant to the client's needs, such as “what it takes to have an entrepreneurial mindset”! Even if there is a lack of interaction with business schools, the international business opportunities available through networking and learning at Second Home are invaluable. The delegates would grow by learning how to think differently, creatively and enthusiastically. Finally, because of its locations, it would fit kindly into the clients 1 1/2 week programme.

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