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*Greetings. I, Am C h a r a
*Name: Chara, I Just Said That!
*Age: And Why Should I Tell You That?
*Gender: Female, As If That Wasn't Noticable Before..
*Favorite Character: Asriel! Duh!! He Will Always Be My Best Friend!
*Hates: Pacifism, Humanity
*Likes: Genocide, Knives, Chocolate, More Chocolate, More Knives, Even More Knives
*Crush: Wtf Why Do People Even Ship Me With Frisk and Asriel?!
*Genocide/Pacifist: Genocide, In Case We Have Boneheads In This Community...
*Art By Me (Admin)

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My oc XD jk but it's one of my OC'S I made

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"Ay! I'm Molly. A Moldsmal."

"I'm just about nineteen."

"Well, I thought it was obvious! For your information, I'm a lady."

"Hm, I don't really have one. I'll probably adopt one later."

"Kinda personal, eh? Anyway, I met this cute {Monster-type/human} called {OPEN}..."

Favorite AU
"I'd have to say it's FairyTale." {{You don't even know how long it took to choose.}}

"Falling down. Do you know how long it takes to get up without arms? Plus, I'm made of jello. No muscles. Anyway, I'm also not a huge fan of Hotland. It makes me melt. It was torture trying to get to a Mettaton concert there. Plus, I also hate the obviously hateable things. Murder, killing, rude dragons, you know the drill."

"For one, I love Snowdin. The monsters, the snow, the woods, everything about it! Shame that I live in Waterfall. I live there with my dad and he's the greatest. Anyway, if you wanna know more, just talk to me later."

"Here we go, it's one heck of a story. So, I was in the ruins with my good friend Migosp. He's pretty chill, but he sticks with the wrong crowds. We were just walking along when we say a human with a toy knife, covered in dust. I defeated him, but Migosp wasn't so lucky... I was too busy mourning him, that I didn't notice the human soul. I was filled with anger at it for killing Migosp that I shot it with a slime ball, shattering it. One of the shards landed on me, making me more humanoid. Later, I discovered that the very same human I had defeated killed by mother. I ran away to my father's place in Waterfall. He's a Moldbygg, and we've been battling, exploring, and living together since."


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* when I tell people I like to drink mustard.

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Thx for invite XP

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1st post (͡° ͜ʖ ͡°)

can there be OC'S?

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