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character update yall

Character sheet for Marvel/DC Academy RPG

I swear, I know more about Eiffel Tower than I know about you.
(Ruby to Lavinia, aka I remembered this line because it's true as heck)

Name: Lavinia Llensherr

Gender: Female

Father: Erik Llensherr (Magneto)
Mother: Vera Schwarz

Age: 20 years old
if it doesn't corespond with the rps im sorry im awful at this

Skin Tone: Pale

Hair Color: Blonde

Eye Color: Blue

Species: Mutant

Height: 5'8

Sexual Orientation: Bisexual

Place Of Birth: Augsburg, small place next to Munich

Relationship Status: Engaged

Appearance: Lavinia is a tall blonde with dark blue eyes and piercingly white skin. She's slim figured and has couple of tattoos. She has about three of them but only two are visible, one on the nape of her neck and second on her left forearm.The one that's left unseen is on her lower back.
once again im sorry if it doesn't corespond with some previous rps, these things are hard to remember that's why I'm posting this one

Personality: oh boi
She's loyal and will do everything for people she cares about. Cunning and driven as hell, when she wants something she does everything in and out of her power to get it.
Lavinia doesn't get along with people well, but she knows how to use them to get what she wants, main reason why her and Fride don't get along. Lavinia used to be a huge manipulator but mellowed after the birth of her daughter.
Rosie and Ruby play a big part in her life and she would give life for them.
Despite all of this, Lavinia isn't compassionate or kind, actually the opposite, she's not above killing innocents or torture if it's in favor of achieving her goal.
She's also very intelligent and hates to be around close-minded and controversional people.
And oh God the sarcasm...
It's questionable if she knows she's even using it anymore, or if it's just her normal way of communication

Likes: Rosie, her daughter and Ruby, her fiancee.
Also her bike that's parked in Fride's garage since she's not riding anymore.
And her sister...not always though

Dislikes: Many things but three things that can infuriate her to no ends are bigotry, hypocrisy and people who can't stop talking.
But also water and closed spaces, they remind her of many years of child abuse.

Strengths: Lavinia almost always bets on her ability to read people. She knows their moves before they come, but of course she's not always correct. She can learn from her mistakes and has great analytical thinking. Many could say she more of a brawl than brain person, and they'd quickly see how wrong their presupposition was.
Yes, Lavinia attacks out of impuls and she's got temperament but she thinks about each of her move. She's guarded like no one else and perhaps that's what makes her one of the most difficult opponents.
She also knows some martial arts, which is a great advantage.

Weakness: as stated above, Lavinia's biggest weakness is acting out of impuls and rage. She can be quick to abandon her analytical resourceful thinking and simply attack in rage, by that's rare. This usually happens when someone she cares about, like family member or Ruby is in danger.
Lavinia's also very quick to take the flight, if she seee the battle's about to be lost, again only if there isn't someone she cares about.

Superpowers: Control over magnetism and the manipulation of ferrous and nonferrous metal.
Also flying and control over magnetic fields.
which is the same thing but idk
Bulletproof skin and organs...
that picked your attention

Biography: -oh boiiii-
Lavinia Llensherr was born into an unforgiving world. She was a daughter of Magneto and a drug addict, with only an older sister to hold on to.
Fride was her guardian angel since she was a baby, she moved there from across the globe when her mother died in Mexico, which is something nobody knows. Fride and Lavinia always had different mothers and Lavinia's mother made Fride pay for this unforgivable sin each day.
Lavinia was a baby back then but when she grew a bit their mother found a way to make her pay for it as well. Both of them always went to sleep tired often waking up to the other one crying.
Erik was Nice though. Sometimes he dropped by, to give their mother money needed but also to check on the girls.
Vera, their mother, was always very open and giving that day. She kissed the girls' heads and stroked their hair gently, only God knows if Erik ever noticed the way they were trying not to flinch.
Vera loved feeling powerful, she always started the day by telling her daughters, they were useless and if they "died in this shithole nobody would notice."
She started taking pills, saying it's her only way to fall asleep. Later she started taking them much more often, in the morning, lunch, evening, night, sometimes she woke up in the middle of the night just to take her dose.
And Lavinia with Fride were left on their own. Fride was trying to manage the household but Lavinia was a free spirit, she liked going outside, out of the ugly house full of ghosts from past.
Vera was smart in torture. She never hit where it was visible, she was never violent to them outside of the house.
Her favourite tricks were simple, one morning she prepared breakfast for Lavinia and Fride was forced to watch with gurgling stomach. For couple of days untill either Lavinia forced to eat, which was more often, or Fride broke down crying. Lavinia was 4 and Fride was 8.
Or she made them drown each other on bathtub full of ice cold water. It could be something small like untied laces on shoes or missed homework, the overstep wasn't what mattered, what mattered was the punishment.
Her favourite one was the most original.
She took them to the cellar with big old closet. It was cold and unfriendly and Lavinia was sure it was haunted. She drew a small circle on the ground and forced one to sit inside of it. She used to make them stand but that caused ugly and visible calluses on their feet so Vera allowed sitting.
Meanwhile she locked the other one in the closet.
And they were forbidden to talk. If one of them uttered a single word or made any sound...
It was hard to breath there. Lavinian didn't hear her sister, she thought she was alone in the haunted attic. The fear was choking her.
Meanwhile Fride couldn't even be sure if her sister didn't stop breathing...
It was torture on both sides.

They managed to ran away when Fride was 16 and Lavinia 12. Fride had a small gig on the side, she was bartending in Hamburg, but she couldn't allow to take Lavinia with her. She found a boyfriend in he bar, 19 years old Aness with an apartment. He agreed to shield Lavinia untill she finishes school if Fride will send him half the money from Hamburg, to play rent.
Lavinia didn't want them to divide paths, she knew it was wrong. They've come so far only by having each other's backs all the time, this was wrong.
She was right. The moment Fride took off on the train Aness changed from the open kind young man to an asshole.
He was a drunk who came every day hammered and shouting. Lavinia tried to stay away from that place as far as possible. She used to go to a bar near by, it reminded her of Fride. She had lot of old gross guys buy her drinks but the bartender, Alex, held a protective hand over her. She learned to trust him. He was nice, always asking about her sister and school. She even made her homework there and he refused to let her pay for soda, which is the only thing she ever drank in the bar.
It wasn't happiness but it was something.

One day Aness was talking with his drink buddies and he mentioned the name of the girl he was 'dating'. His friend recognized the name Llensherr and called a unit for Civil rights, that they're being threatened by mutants.
They took Lavinia right from outside the bar and stuffed her in car trunk, driving straight towards Dr. Delon, german version of Stryker himself.
He programmed her, tested her, trained her with one goal. To make her a perfect weapon.
Lavinia was hard to break but in the end she was just a 14 years old kid...
Fride managed to escape them in Hamburg and somehow managed to track her baby sister's steps All the way to Delon's lair.
She got in dressed as a nurse and tried to get Lavinia out, but it was too late. Lavinia wasn't there, just a shell with angrier set of eyes.
And of course she got caught. When the Dr. Delon found out they were sisters her put them under crucial experiment.
He repeated the experiment of Dr. Stryker, this time with siblings instead of Wolwerine. Lavinia was injected with Vibranium and Fride with Adamantium. Delon wanted to know how long will it take them to die and if, who dies first.

After two months he finally realized that none of them is going to die anytime soon, so he pursued another experiments. Mainly, fighting ones.
The ones where Lavinia used to beat the hell out of Fride who refused to defend herself. It was her sister for Pete's sake.
She tried to wake her up each and every day but nothing seemed to work, untill one day she finally saw her flinch.
This time the Llensherr girls were lucky.
Upon recieving anonymous message, Dr. Delon's lair was raided by feds. They arrested him for inhuman treatment and under All the chaos Lavinia and Fride managed to escape.
Ironically they parted their ways the very same night when they ran away. Fride wanted to go into exile and Lavinia was hungry for revenge.
Saying goodbye was hard, but they knew they will never be able to live along one another without thinking of All the awful stuff that has happened to them.
Fride went to New York and started a new life, Lavinia went on a deadly spree and succesfully terminated everyone who was in any way involved with Delon's experiments.
Later, as many know she came to New York as well.

The rest is a history.
if you got this far have two gifs of Eliza Taylor, Lavi's faceclaim
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rp anyone?

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Quotes: "How dare you! I will not stand to be bullied by a mortal!"
"Listen here, [species and/or mortal], I'm not the 'bad guy' here. If anyone, it's you."
"Define... 'mercy'."


Name: Ivani Lokisdaughter
Nickname: Vani (by Loki), and Iva
Age: 18
Gender: Female
Species: Asgardian/Frost giant
Affiliation: Loki Laufeyson
Superhero/Villain Name: None


Personality: Like her father, Ivani is mischievous and an expert liar. Both intelligent and clever, she will stop at nothing to fulfill her quests. She knows her limits and is willing to push them. Taking risks is second nature to her, and she's never afraid to say what's on her mind. She's confident in everything she does, except for when it comes to admitting defeat. It's hard for her to trust anyone, minus her father, and forgiving even more difficult.
Abilities: Genius Intelligence, Allspeak (the ability to communicate in all of the languages of the Nine Realms, Earth's dialects, and various alien languages), skilled combatant (particularly as a swordsman or in the use of her various energy manipulative powers in combat situations)
Weaknesses: Magic limitations (cannot directly read the minds of other beings, nor can she control their actions), poor understanding of human nature, which leads her to often underestimate her mortal (earthly) opponent's.


~ Silver dagger
~ Collapsable sword with sheath
~ Superhuman Strength
~ Superhumanly dense tissue
~ Superhuman durability
~ Regenerative healing factor
~ Superhuman stamina
~ Superhuman longevity
~ Sorcery
~ Psionics
~ Shape-shifting
~ Teleportation/energy projection


Bio: As a child, Ivani grew up with Loki in a small, unknown and hidden realm. Although she never knew her mother, Loki intended to give his full attention to her in order to make up for it. Of course, he still made time for his own doings as well, leaving Ivani neglected a few times. As she grew older, Loki started teaching her his own skills, and practicing them became a regular habit whenever she was bored, frustrated, unhappy, or alone. When she turned eighteen, Ivani begged her father to allow her to explore the other realms on her own. He agreed, letting her go after giving her a special necklace - which contained some of the power he had transferred from the Casket of Ancient Winters - as a birthday present. It would protect her when there seemed no hope of succeeding, he had said. Before she left, he reminded her not to let anyone act superior to her, and if they did, to remind them of their inferior mortality.


Family: Loki Laufeyson (mother unknown), Thor Odinson (uncle), Laufey (grandfather, deceased)
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[[Open Roleplay]]

Title: Sleep is Worth little and reflection is more.

Time: During the Arc whilst everyone is looking for the infinity stone.

Location: The Aurora Alliance Base.

James lay on top of his bed sheets which lay scrumpled beneath his body. He had managed to clock in a few hours of rest but had managed very little more than that. His breaths were the only thing that appeared to last in the room besides himself of course. He swung his legs over the edge. Planting his feet firmly on the ground pushing himself up onto his feet. His eyes drifted to the window as he glimpsed out at the now Star-Ridden sky. The lights of the city in the distance glared across the waters below.

James walked away from the window and towards the door opening it slowly with a creak. In the distance of the base. He could hear everyone talking about some stones or something. He furrowed his brows these people were familiar to him yet not. He couldn't remember all of them. J he could and Snake but everyone else. Emily exempt were just that. People. He continued to walk mindlessly tracking his way to a nearby balconey

He slid the door open and then once he had got outside. He twirled around and closed the door walking to the railings crossing his arms as he stood listening out but also sinking in thought as the cold wind blew against his bare chest.

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Basic Information
Civilian Name- Serif Crane
Hero name- Scarecrow ultimate
Age- 19
Gender- male
Sexuality- pansexual (he dosent really care hell do things with pretty much anyone)
Marriage Status (Single,Married To,Dating)- single
Home Town/Home Planet- earth
Species (Human,Mutant,Alien,Symbiote Etc Etc)- human
alignment- heros

Personality Information- hes very deadpool like, kinda insane
Dislikes- being misjudged
Is Famous/Infamous For- being scarecrows son
Costume/Clothes Worn- a modified scarecrow costume

Family Information
Mother- unkown
Father- Jonathan Crane aka the original scarecrow
Brother- none
Sister- none

Allies Information
Any Well Known Marvel/DC Characters As Allies- occasionally in marvel dc crossovers hes great friends with deadpool other than that hes relitavly new to the hero thing and hasn't got many allies (at least yet)

Enemies Information
Any Well Known Marvel/DC Characters As Enemies- scarecrow

Equipment Information
Non Offensive Equipment Carried- noose grappling thingy, fake mustache
Offensive Equipment Carried-
Unique Equipment Carried- fear gauntlet, fear grenades , a fear corps ring

Transportation Information
What Does You OC Use To Get Around ?- motorcycle painted brightly in rainbows
Was It Stolen ?- it was "borrowed" from a drug cartel he took down along with a few grand

Other Character Information
Which Universe Is Your Character In ? (Marvel/DC)- Dc
Alignment (Hero,Villain,Neutral)- hero
Abilities (Mind Control,Healing Factor,Invisibility,Superhuman Strength Etc Etc)- he cant really feel pain outright
Goals- take down the badies to impress the bat! ( ;

Background Story
serif is the son of Jonathan crane or the original scarecrow , he was tortured and experimented on time and time again driving him to the breaking point most would have givin up or became the next supervillan but he made a promise to himself he would use the toxin that hurt him so to aid people like him people in need


rp anyone?)

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Superhero Character Profile

Alias: Batgirl II

Legal Name: Ceri Wayne-Al ghul

Morality: Ceri believes that killing should only ever be the ultimate last resort.

Inspiration: Batman, Nightwing, Batgirl and Batwoman


Gender: Female

Age: 15

Sexual Orientation: Bisexual

Occupation: CEO of Wayne Enterprises

Height: 5'8

Weight: 4 stone and 10 pounds

Hair Color: Light Brown

Eye Color: Green

Skin Color: White

Race/Species: Human

Nationality: American

Powers and Abilities

Powers: Ceri is extremely intelligent taking once again after her father. Determined to assume her fathers old title of The Worlds Greatest Detective

Abilities: An expert in all martial arts and expert in weapons, She has extreme agility

Weapons: Escrima sticks which can be put together to form a BO staff. She chose them over all other weapons to follow her fathers rule of no killing.

Gadgets/Tech: Her voice synthesiser allows her to access areas that she otherwise wouldn't be able to by replicating a persons voice.

Hacking tool. This can be used to get into computer systems, unlock doors that you have to have a set code for.

Batarang MK 2.0. Her own version of her fathers batarangs that have different settings built in so they can adapt for different situations.

Grappling Hook. Self explanatory. She uses this to travel from rooftop to rooftop in gotham

Freeze grenade: An old device that her dad use to use which was given to him by Mr Freeze. She had to reverse engineer the device to create more which took her time.

Fear Toxin: Ceri has a weaker and less long lasting version of Scarecrows fear toxin which allows her to scare weak minded individuals into usually leaving behind the criminal life.

Physical Weaknesses: She is just like any normal person. Too much strain on her body can do her serious harm and bones can break and limbs can be cut.

Mental/Emotional Weaknesses: The thought that she never got to meet her father as she was born less than a month before the event happened. The physical trauma that being trained under the League of Assassins is also a senstive point for her.

Personality and Relationships

Likes: Watching over Gotham, Foiling the plots of Villains and Justice

Dislikes: The idea that killing villains is the only way to stop them committing more crime, Having to join teams. She works better alone and she means it.

Habits/Quirks: Ceri always dismantles every gun that she finds whilst protecting Gotham and destroys the pieces by melting them down, She also always hangs a leader of a group upside down with a wire.

Fears: Failing Gotham.

Motivation: She wishes to live upto the memory of her Father and the mission that he tried to complete with Gotham.

Family: Talia al ghul (Mother)
Bruce Wayne (Father)
Damien Wayne (Brother)

Romantic Interests: None. Just like her father. She prefers to operate alone and stay away from others.

Allies: N/A as of yet

Rivals: N/A as of yet

Enemies: N/A as of yet

( closed to +Jason Brewer​, because God knows these two munchkins need to figure some stuff out. And also I wanna introduce Rosie, so)

Deaf, again. Fride snapped angrily at her phone. She was trying to call her sister for the past hour and nothing seemed to work. So she tried another number.
C'mon Andy... She was pacing around the room frantically. Andrew wasn't picking up. She ended the call with a frustrated huff. He probably has a meeting or something, calm down. she thought. Still she sent him a very straightforward text.
I need you, it's urgent
She checked the time on her phone. 5:02 P.M.
Nutte she cursed under her breath.

Fride was standing in front of Andrew's building. He sent her a response to wait for him there. The moment he walked out of the door she felt a warm relief in her chest. That quickly faded after she choked out her next words.
My niece is missing. Andrew had seen her fight evil robots and dodging cars and she never looked this terrified.

+Khalid Aseir+Emily B+Audra Barrella+Negan ????

The screens all across new york flickered to life with a static image. Inside of the screen was one solo man. "Aurora Alliance. Hear me. I want you to come and see me in the middle of the Nevada Desert. I have some information that I would like to give you. I think that you'll like it. After months. Almost 3/4 of a year. You are finally going to know who I am."

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Title: Hurry Up and Kill Me, It Won't Change Anything
Location: Times Square
Time: Midnight
_Status: +Velvet Scarlatina _

Snake had sat down upon a bench in Times Square simply waiting. After several agonizing hours of standing still as a statue, Snake summoned a table, and his glasses. From literally nowhere a book appeared on the table and Snake began reading, chewing on the edge of his glasses in frustration. While he seemed calm, Snake was anything but. Every thought told him to leave, to return to where he came from and leave everything he cared about behind. He couldn't find a positive thought anywhere no matter where it was he looked. He had left too many feelings unchecked. His past hurt more than a the thought of his future. Soon it was mere minutes from midnight, and Snake would soon come face to face with the very reason he avoided getting close to anyone. Naomi.
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