After the last updates I have really many duplicate app entries. Always one with the developer name and one without. The latter one doesn't react on tapping on the eye symbol.

Do I/we get this fixed without clearing the app data?

And some other things:
1. The apps details page should also show the developer.
2. "Recently installed" looks a little bit strange now. At least if most apps have short names and are shown in one line only. Maybe it would be better if the app name would always be just one line. Then the developer could be shown in the second line.

Anyone can send me list with all paid games ?

Yes, update are not showing today please fix it asap. Thanx

hi my app stop checking updated today.

Bro, sorting by date is not working for me since tomorrow, what went wrong please fix it.

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Why are some changelogs right aligned?
Sometimes all entries are right aligned, sometimes just single ones.

An option to set the default view/filter/page would be nice.

Since a few updates the app remembers the selected page, but I would prefer to open the app always with the "All" page.

What intent are you using to trigger the Update All process to start on the Play Store? I'm wondering how I could automatically update all my apps via Tasker without using AutoInput to press the Update All button.

I'm currently using the latest beta and so far I'm really loving it. I've used many changelog apps the last many years, but this one is looking very promising. I have a few comments though:

1. When an app is updated, it's put in a category called "Recently Updated" in the all apps view. But when I pull to refresh and look for new updates, the recently updated section completely dissappears. I think apps should stay in the recently updated section for the same amount of time apps are shown in the recently updated section in Google Play. Or even better, let us choose exactly how many days we want apps to stay in the recently updated section.

2. For me, the updateable view is the most important for me, but it only contains a handful of apps and is tucked away from the main view. I'd like an option similar to "Show recently installed", which could be called "Show updatable". When checked, all updatable apps will be shown at the very top of the all apps view (maybe under recently installed apps, if they both are set to be on).

3. I feel like a there is a sorting option missing. Sorting by date doesn't really have the effect I'm looking for. In other words, I think we should be able to sort by "Last updated". This sorting method should basically be a chronological list of when apps were last updated. Currently the date sorting uses some other date, which means that apps, which have just gotten updates, are not at the top of the list.

4. Changelog history. I saw another comment on here about changelog history. I know the limitation of history, which is that history only goes as far back as when you began watching the app, but I'd still like to see implemented.

5. To add the the history comment above, when an app is updated and the changelog is the same as the previous version, I'd like some sort of warning, that the new update did not come with a new changelog. Maybe as an icon or red text at the top telling me this.

I hope my feedback is useful, because I really want the app to thrive and keep being developed :)

all apps i tried do not have changelog history?
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