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This is my favorite video that explains Equestrian Drill Team...take a look if you've never watched. Looking forward to showing you Intrepid Equine Drill doing some of these moves...just a little smaller group at first!

Coweta County's newest equestrian drill team will compete with choreographed maneuvers to music seeking perfection and riding fearless! A new beginning in a sport that is under noticed... Equestrian Drill Team! You'll find updates and information about our team, the horses and riders, as well as our competitions and performances here. Look for links to twitter, instagram and our website. Become a part of Coweta Intrepid Equine Drill, Seeking Perfection, Riding Fearless! 2017 is going to be awesome, we are so excited to share it with you! It's gonna be special! If you haven't watched the sport of Equestrian Drill, you are going to be impressed, showing you FEARLESS DRILL will be our pleasure! Thank you for sharing in our excitement and success for the new year!
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