Looking for a place to stay during the fest!  Considering taking a RV up from Florida. Anyone have any input or advice? #hotel   #RVlot   #hangoutfest2014  

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Was the annual Get Wet 3rd Thursday not enough splash for you? We've got you covered (or uncovered) at July's 3rd Thursday located at the one and only Country Club!

Oh, and don't forget to bring a bathing suit. Get Wet, you will indeed.

Lightsabers optional.

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So, we’re definitely going to do this again. Do you have your shuttle pass? 

Book A Shuttle: http://bit.ly/15AZGvP

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Swipe with the Crescent Vale +Flipboard on the +Hangout Music Fest to find out all the buzz on the event. Users will need to download the application, but it is currently a free program. 

Nice Thursday Lineup!!!!!!!

Hi all! If anyone is looking for a General Admission 3-day pass to Hangout, I'm selling mine! So bummed our plans fell through, had an incredible time last year. Please message me if interested! 

Do we get lineup additions on G+?  I mean we see them, because most of us on here are somewhat computer literate, but if you guys were the government, google + would be like the budget....forgotten. 

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ADVANCED GA tickets have officially SOLD-OUT, but regular priced GA tickets are STILL AVAILABLE.

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Just tweeted! Fingers crossed :)

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