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Time to get ready for colder winds, drier air…and drier skin! The change of the seasons doesn’t have to take a toll on our fresh faces, though. In fact, it is a perfect time to calm your complexions and soothe that skin.

You don’t need to load up on chemicals, either. In fact, you can go green in 4 simple steps…and have your friends green with envy over your glow.

The skin is our largest organ and absorbs about 60 percent of what we apply to it. On a daily basis the average woman applies about 12 products, containing over 100 different ingredients. This number may surprise you, but what makes it more alarming is that most of these ingredients are chemicals that have not been tested for their safety. Studies show many of these chemicals are being linked to everything from cancer and hormone disruption to allergies and skin issues.

Not only are these so-called beauty ingredients adding to the toxic burden on our bodies, but they also add to the pollution of our air, land and water. Chemicals such as parabens, which are used as preservatives in everything from shampoo to lip gloss, have been found in our water supply. I know this can be quite a downer and seem overwhelming, but take heart, there are simple things you can do to make positive changes with your cosmetics. First, know that you don’t have to do everything at once – just like creating a healthy diet takes time to implement, the same holds true for your green beauty routine! Here are four steps you can take to get started:

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For women, the hair on their heads can be the ultimate symbol of self-expression and have strong ties to self-image. So when a large clump of hair appears on the pillow or in the drain it can be jarring. Unfortunately this is not an uncommon occurrence–hair loss affects some 30 million American women.

While some incidences of sudden hair loss can be attributable to a poor diet or a medication you’re taking, others require a more thorough investigation with the help of a dermatologist and/or endocrinologist.

But when should you be concerned about the amount of hair left on the brush?

When you lose more than 100 hairs per day.

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Time to dump the heavy makeup bag and carry only what you really need when you head to work or out on the town. Beauty doesn’t have to be a weighty task! Makeup artist Priscilla Rego breaks down the 7 must have items that will keep you looking gorgeous morning through night. 

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Taking great care of your skin can work wonders for your appearance. On the flipside, innocent mistakes and a touch of carelessness can totally derail your look.

Want to be sure you’re getting it right? Check out the top five very worst skin care mistakes!

1. Picking or Touching Your Face: Leave it alone! Picking or squeezing pimples can result in scarring and often causes more acne. Let nature takes its course. However, if you absolutely cannot stand looking at it or you have a major event to attend and need it gone pronto, apply a spot treatment (preferably one that contains salicylic acid) with a cotton swab or a clean finger. In general, try not to touch your face at all unless you are certain your hands are clean.

2. Washing Your Face with Bar Soap: Bar soaps are formulated for the body, not the face. The ingredients in bar soap are too harsh and can strip the skin of its natural oils, disrupting the protective moisture barrier and leaving the skin severely dehydrated. Moreover, their use can leave a filmy residue. Instead, stick with a gentle facial cleanser that contains nourishing and soothing ingredients that promote the health of your skin rather than compromise it.

3. Skimping on the Sunscreen: Whether you’re sunbathing in the tropics of Belize or skiing on the slopes of the Colorado Mountains, it is imperative to wear sunscreen all year round, rain or shine, winter or summer. Even on the most gray, gloomy, overcast days, the sun’s rays are still peeking through the clouds. Sun exposure is one of the top causes of premature aging. Even when you’re indoors or inside of a vehicle, solar rays can penetrate through windows. Therefore, make sure to wear a broad spectrum sunscreen with at least a Sun Protection Factor (SPF) of 15.

4. Neglecting to Wash Your Face: If you simply can’t be bothered or you feel legitimately exhausted, the easier (albeit wrong) thing to do is to hit the sack and call it a night. Your skin will suffer the consequences: clogged pores from a combination of old makeup, dead skin cell buildup and possibly an emerging pimple. Not a pretty picture. So the next time you really, really don’t feel like washing your face at night, gather up every ounce of strength you have and do it. Your skin will thank you!

5. Tanning: If you’re not blessed with enviably bronzed skin like Jennifer Lopez, it doesn’t mean you should bake your face and body to achieve a glow. On the bright side, you have two alternatives: opt for a safe sunless tanner or embrace your equally beautiful alabaster complexion. The sun’s cruel rays can cause premature wrinkling, brown spots and worst of all, skin cancer.

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You finally did it — you got a pixie cut. Hey, if Miley can totally rock one, why can’t you. You liked it, but you’re kinda ready to get some length back, a la Michelle Williams. No need to worry about getting stuck in mullet territory!

The key is to embrace every stage of your “grow-out” and switch up your style often. Follow the advice of Celebrity Hair Colorist Janelle Varada, and you’re sure to steer clear of a hairy situation.

Be Patient

Your hair won’t reach great lengths overnight. Growing out a pixie cut takes time and patience. If you get frustrated, know that you’re in good company. The lovely Michelle Williams recently revealed in an interview that the process is “hard on your self-esteem,” adding, “I’m really working on growing my hair out.” (And girlfriend has a whole arsenal of A-lists stylists to help her!)

Here are a few things to keep in mind when you feel like you’re ready to pull out your hair:

Hair grows an average of ½ inch per month, although some lucky ladies experience up to 1½ inches of growth per month.
Trim your hair only when necessary. Try to wait 3 to 4 months, then ask your stylist to create a short bob.
It will take 3-6 months to get through the short bob phase.
It will take 6-12 months to achieve a longer, neck-length style. Then, you’re back in business!
Accessorize Your Strands

Don’t worry your pretty little head about the dreaded “in-between” stage. This is your chance to create different looks and experiment with your mane, so add plenty of accessories to your beauty arsenal.

Hats, fedoras, beanies, and berets can be best your friends on a bad hair day, plus a chic topper is stylish in it’s own right.
For a unique side-pony-like style, use a hair clip to pin your strands off to one side, or simply pin them towards the back. A messy bun can also be a miracle worker.
Get those pesky bangs out of your face by sweeping them off to one side or braiding them. For staying power, spritz some dry shampoo on those locks to give them texture, then secure the style by creating an “X” with two bobby pins.
Headbands can work wonders, and can be found in a slew of styles – from thin/barely there to patterned and embellished.
Give Your Hair Some TLC

Varada says it’s imporant to keep your hair color looking fresh throughout the grow- out process. Take focus off of the length by experimenting with a new shade or amp up your highlights.
Before you go to bed, massage your scalp for 5-10 minutes. Not only does it stimulate blood flow to the scalp, it’s a great way to unwind.
For silky, strong hair, give essential oil a try. Varada hearts coconut oil, and it smells like a tropical paradise. Simply add a few drops to your scalp and massage. Rinse with warm water after 20-30 minutes.
A balanced diet plays a major role in hair health. Try to focus on foods that also feed your strands, like walnuts, salmon, eggs, spinach, and blueberries.

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It’s that time of year again –where kids aren’t nearly as concerned about hitting the books as they are about hitting the right note when it comes to this year’s back-to-school fashions.

 Transitioning from easy summer play clothes to classroom-ready attire can be a little jarring, so we’re here to help. Who says you can’t be stylish and comfortable while still looking A-plus appropriate?

Kohl’s has teamed up with fashion superstar Vera Wang, skateboard legend Tony Hawk and actress Bella Thorne to create affordable and school-friendly collections.  

Check out Bella’s picks good enough for Hollywood A-list stage:

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Love couture but working with a knockoff budget? You’re in luck. You can tap into the high-price brands you worship without spending the whole paycheck. Here are some fun and affordable products to make you feel like a million bucks — without spending them!

View the entire list here:

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There are a few different types of bronzers- gels, liquid and powder. I only ever use a powder bronzer. Why? The other types can go on unevenly and messy and can make your skin look older and like a tanning disaster. With power bronzer and a brush, you have complete control over how much or little you want to use.

Picking a color is super easy nowadays.

If you’re very pale, opt for a light golden bronzey shade.

Medium to dark skintones can use darker golden or slightly cinnamon tones.

If you have oily skin, use a matte bronzer, nothing with too much shine otherwise you’ll look greasy not glowy.

Normal-to-dry skin can play with a slightly sparkly formula for healthy, youthful skin.

Apply your bronzer with a big fluffy brush, going across your cheekbones, forhead, nose and chin- anywhere the sun would normally kiss you. Give a sweep of color to your neck and exposed décolleté for evenness. In a pinch, you can use your bronzer as an eyeshadow as well, and mixed with a sparkly lipgloss can make this beauty staple one of your most favorite sexy go-to’s for a pouty pucker .

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How can you best dress up your arm?

Arm candy stands as one of this season’s biggest trends, and one of the best ways to dress up an outfit. Think bracelets, on bracelets, on bracelets along with the necessary statement watch. If you don’t know how to build arm candy, let’s break it down into four easy steps. You can learn a new style and feed your online shopping addiction simultaneously.


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