Hey sexy ladies. Any from Georgia want to chat see what happens

Yeah, it's been a year or so since I was able to monitor this group. And yes, I just deleted about 2/3's of about 500 requests because they didn't even BOTHER reading the rules.

Going forward, I'm going to need a profile pic and location as well. I'm nervous about the few I approved that didn't -- if they spam, they're gone and banned.

Anyway, try to use some imagination and creativity here. Also, personal ads? Not likely a good idea.

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Thanks for the invite

hey everyone

Here's a topic I'm hoping that people will get behind: New Year's Eve Celebrations.

Describe what you would consider the best Fat Sex related holiday, whether it's fantasy or reality. Dish some details!

Whats up everyone anyone from cleveland on here

Wow, 17 members -- and I've done next to nothing to promote this community. I even got a membership request from someone attending my alma mater, SUNY Purchase. Hail Brickville! (I was there when the Henry Moore was still on the main campus, as opposed to it's current sad isolation at the front entrance... but I digress, but not too much, as that Henry Moore was "Large Two Forms", which could sum up my sex life. ;) )

I do need to emphasize a few things:

- If you don't read and write english you won't be approved. So if all I see when I see your name and G+ stream is arabic, kanji, cyrillic, and so forth, you're not going to be approved. Sorry, I can't moderate what I can't READ.

- I didn't think it would come to this, but it does -- age, sex and location. More profile information is better.

- It's also helpful if you have SOMEONE in your circles. Empty streams with only one's gender listed and no one in your streams is a baaaaaad sign.

Finally, this isn't a pic post board per se, but if you post a pic, be prepared to TALK about it. Tell us why you think it's hot, or if it bothers you, or... you get the idea. Start a conversation.

Some clarification: While the bar for membership in this group is fairly low, there still is a bar. 

First, while I am sure that Google will eventually roll translation services into G+, for the time being this is an english only board. I don't care what country you're posting from, but we at least need to be able to read your posts.

Second, you need to have some profile information exposed -- a profile pic, location, and some sign that the profile wasn't just created for the purpose of joining groups.

That's it, really. So, update those profiles and post in english, and you're golden.

I'm excited to see this community reincarnated on this format.  I was never very active either on the mailing list or when it was on LJ, mostly I was the penguin lurking in the corner (I admit I like watching).  This time around though I am feeling a little more chatty so let's see where this goes.  
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