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If you currently have a God/Goddess who are one of the twelve, I need you to comment below your God/Goddess below to prove you active, if not you will lose your position on that God/Goddess and it will become open to those who are active. You have one week from now, which will be January 25. Thank you.

Name:Nitro or (νιτρο)



Weight: 123lb

Appearance:Tall, Muscular, blond, Blue eyed, Smart, where's braclets, and loves doughnuts!

Weapons: None

Gear: Superspeed, and emperial gold boots!

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name-  Amador Heart
age - 17, is a 17 year old god

Height:  - 6 ft.

sexuality- gay

eye color- gold

hair color- blond

personality- has autism, so he can sometimes act younger then he really is, he  is kind of weird and sometimes sociably awkward, very artistic and romantic, extremely  artistic, he can sometimes be kind of a jerk and moody, he can be very active  he has a very big colorful imagination. he can sometimes be needy 

Talents/ Abilities/ Hobbies-- very good artist, plays music well, can fight well, very fast runner:

he is god, of theater, romance, and art— son of Dionysus and Aphrodite,

powers- he has art powers, music powers, some of his father's powers

weapon/gear, he has a staff, it can become, a rainbow sword, or a magic paint brush that has magic art powers.

likes- romance, art, music, spring, exporing, making new friends

dislikes- bigots, closed minded people or monsters, creepy things, winter, the cold

bio- Amador lives with gods on mount Olympus, he flies round a lot and flirts and make love to his loves or makes new ons, he likes exploring and helping heroes, he likes making plays and musicals, he spreads beauty with his magic paintbrush 

is single, but has many lovers

family, Dionysus- his father, Aphrodite, his mother

appearance- he wears a one shoulder tunic,  blond hair, pale skin, the iris of his iris are gold, soft skin, cute face, he is not really buff

fun fact- the name Amador means lover

 Misc: ????   i don't know what that is
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Name: Sylus Denari

Nickname: Slayer of Helios

Age: late 20s

Gender: male

Sexual Orientation: Heterosexual

Minor/major: minor (demigod)

Parents: My mother is the goddess Athena, I'm my father

Domain: Light, hope, chivalry, the "fires" of war

Weapons: Dawnbreaker, a golden long sword with a mini version of the Sun inside, Sun marked round shield.

Armor: The same armor as Kratos from God of war only with a helmet with a red crest that turns to fire in battle.

Relationship status: Married to Kao Denari ( +kao B .bunny )

Disloyal to spouse?: never

Children: A small 2 month old baby girl named Mira

Personality: calm, respectful, friendly, but prideful quick to anger.

Allies: The Olympian gods,and Athens where I live

Enemies: Hades and the followers of Helios

Weakness: his pride

Bio: He was born n island and left to survive on his own wit. This lasted for 15 years until Athena came to retrieve her child, for 5 years she trained him, groomed him to be a leader of men, a champion. The false Sun God Helios threatened the city of Athens and Sylus lead an army against him. The battle was long, many lives were lost but Athens stood and the Sun God fell. Sylus still leads the Athenian army to this day, waiting for his next orders.

So nice community! Please add me all the lover of Greek myth, Grammar, Literature and English Topics writer. I'm waiting to be introduced with these kinds of people. 

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Name Urlock




Weapons:An Obsidian Sword he named:Skrrall with the power to call souls to his aid,hand crafted bombs that he makes himself

Magical Items:The Cloak of The Underworld,it blocks magical projectiles,The Mask of The Forgotten,Enhances his vision and shows opponents weaknesses

Weakness:His Rage

Bio:Urlock is a son of Hades,he is Hades' soul champion and he takes pride in reaping for him when he cannot,he is cold and emotionless to everyone,but he has yet to meet other Semigods like him or other gods and godesesses that are not Hades

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κόρη had been sitting in her Mothers shrine, the goddess Aphrodite, having nothing else to do that day and having become quite bored she figured she may as well go and clean up a bit. Surprisingly the temple had been empty today, which allowed κόρη to do as she pleased, not only that but the floor was filthy, the citizens had been slacking off on their cleaning duties. Picking up a broom she had begun sweeping the floors, a task that did not take her to long, afterwards she picked up a cloth and wiped down all the metal in the shrine, by the time she was done the place practically sparkled. Sighing happily the girl folded the cloth quickly before placing it near the altar, sitting down on the platform which the large stone statue stood upon, her legs hanging over the side and swinging back and forth happily
"Seems, like you haven't had many visitors as of late mother...Why do you think that is? Have they forgotten you? I should hope not"
She mumbles, staring down at her reflection in the marblesque floor. κόρη's head jerked upwards hearing the sound of boots against the floor. Scurrying to her feet she rushed to hide behind the statue, wanting to listen in on their wish or observe what type of offering they had brought, if it was some sort of food, her mother may share it with her. κόρη peeked out ever so slightly from behind the statue, but made sure she was properly concealed, watching the newcomer as they stood before her mothers altar

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Full Name: κόρη Regis ((pronounced Kori and translating to 'Daughter of the King'))

Age: κόρη is somewhere in the two hundred years range, having not paid much attention to her actual age due to the fact that gods are immortal and live forever.

Personality: κόρη comes off initially, as a very happy and cheerful girl and remains that way if gone unprovoked though she, in truth, is a very dark girl who enjoys watching war and bloodshed, and tends to create chaos for mortals whenever she can, although, going about it discretely and pretending to be innocent.

Height: κόρη Is a semi-petite female standing at 5 feet 3 inches tall

Weight: κόρη weighs around 130 pounds but can also become light as air when she wishes to be

Appearance: κόρη has a rather strange appearance, having monochromatic hair and heterochromatic eyes, she is often seen wearing her usual white toga, along with golden laurel wreathes wrapped about her head, though, when not in her usual attire she prefers to wear oriental themed close which consist of kimono's/kimono like shirts as well as knee-thigh high socks as well as sandals.

Weapons: κόρη prefers to work things out via-conversation seeing as how she dislikes violence, though when prompted to pick up a weapon she tends to use daggers and swords, the blades of which, are covered in paralyzing neurotoxins. 

Powers: κόρη was given the power to shape shift by her father((Zeus))  and the power to induce attraction and affection by her mother ((Aphrodite)), Though the power to induce affection isn't as strong as her mothers and could better be called inducing a 'crush'. Though she 'seems' oblivious to this ability and in turn, causes chaos wherever she goes because of this ((As in, fights breaking out over affection and certain people 'falling for' people who they REALLY shouldn't be)), this is a facade she puts on, as she finds it very amusing to watch.

Bio: κόρη is the child of the God Zeus and Goddess Aphrodite who had grown bored with Hephaestus and decided to have an affair with Zeus. Aphrodite never revealed the fact that she had born his child and instead deposited the young girl in the bed of a royal family whose child had recently passed away. From then on, κόρη grew as a noble mortal girl with her new family. Upon her nineteenth birthday she had discovered her strange abilities and was expelled from the noble house for being some sort of heretic ((her surrogate parents seeing her strange gifts as witchcraft instead of Godly powers)). From there κόρη had traveled to the temple of Hermes in hopes that he could guide her along the right path, he lead her to the temple of Zeus instead, thereupon she learned of her true lineage and was accepted as a lower goddess. Nowadays κόρη lives in a small secluded villa created for her by her parents deep inside one of the woodland areas where she creates many different works ((Tools, jewelry, accessories, and such)) though she does tend to travel out to the cities every now and then. κόρη is the patron goddess of the collesium ((Which she visits constantly to watch the fights)), celebration, and lower goddess of war/chaos.

GODS/GODDESSES:  Zeus and Aphrodite
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Did you guys forget about Aphrades?
Name: Aphrades "God of the sins"

Age: 18 (Immortal)

Gender: Male

Height: 6'2"

Weight: 213

Appearance: Aphrades was born with red and black hair because Hera found out Aphrodite was impregnated by Hades she cursed Aphrodite womb, the streaks of red adorning his hair is a result of the curse, along with many other things. He has deep red eyes that are a result of his demonic side.

Personality: Aphrades is a very hated guy in the mortal relm for the fact that when Hera cursed him she gave him a deep hatred for the seven cardinal sins (or original sins)

Pride is excessive belief in one's own abilities, that interferes with the individual's recognition of the grace of God. It has been called the sin from which all others arise. Pride is also known as Vanity.

Envy is the desire for others' traits, status, abilities, or situation.

Gluttony is an inordinate desire to consume more than that which one requires.

Lust is an inordinate craving for the pleasures of the body.

Anger is manifested in the individual who spurns love and opts instead for fury. It is also known as Wrath.

Greed is the desire for material wealth or gain, ignoring the realm of the spiritual. It is also called Avarice or Covetousness.

Sloth is the avoidance of physical or spiritual work.

So everytime he sees on of these sins committed he becomes very mad and in certain cases turn in a huge demon that is 10' tall giant wings and a skull on the front that absorbs the deadly sins from the persons body but it usually leaves them scarred.

Weapons: He has a very unique sword that also absorbs the sins from peoples bodies but if the sin is too large it will destroy them sending their soul to his father Hades.

Bio: He was created when Hades impregnated his mother (Aphrodite) with a kiss in exchange for his mother to get her older more beautiful form back. After he was in womb Hera soon found out what Aphrodite did and she cursed her womb creating Aphrades (Hera named him that to remind everyone in Olympus not to cross her) She gave him a deep hatred for the seven cardinal sins and a profound hatred for the two sins Lust and Greed (The sins of his father and mother) Aphrades was forbidden from entering Olympus due to the fact that most of the Gods have one of the cardinal sins so Aphrades stays on the Earth in the futile attempt of trying to purify it.

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