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A man wakes up in a surgical tube and clenches his fist when he wakes in lab48 * "w-where am I." *his aura is bright red as he wakes.

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Name: Kazato Horen Kazuma
Age: 17 (the gem preserved him)
Species: Dragovi (Dragon)
Bio: most of his past is unknown. He was sealed in an obsidian crystal 400 years ago.
ID Number(If your Dragovi): 001
Laboratory(The Lab you are assigned to): 1

Andreas Sighed his ears back slightly in annoyance, He didn't like being kept in small spaces and being kept in a cage most of the day was the worst. But now he was loose in the halls of the laboratory, the researcher who was responsible for taking care of him said He could go out and wander around for a bit, as long as he didn't get into trouble or leave the facility.

Lysander, on the other hand, wasn't allowed to leave lab 24, He had expressed much Aggression to the researcher who was taking care of him and had her hospitalized.

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Mutashi Henaka: age 18. very smart being tested as a certain uknown species is half of everything blood uknown strength seems small and skinny but broke through a wall with one punch,predictable,very talented,senses everything,doesn't like any surgery from labs ever since first incident is prototype X from project lancer a high military group been tested before...

kazato looks around the empty site of lab 1 curious...i wonder why this lab is empty.

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Name: Andreas Flame Dragon
Age: 16
Species: Dragovi Chimera(Dragon/Basilisk)
Bio: Andreas was captured when he was on his way back to his nest after hunting
ID Number(If your Dragovi): 23
Laboratory(The Lab you are assigned to): 2

Name: Lysander Faerak Gavinus
Age: 18
Species: Dragovi Chimera(Hydra Scylla)
Bio: Lysander was captured while searching for his den mate
ID Number(If your Dragovi): 24
Laboratory(The Lab you are assigned to):2

Don't ask, I got bored...
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