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The Nature Spirit of Psychiatry Inc save the world, eliminated criminality in 2 ways: flower essences and vegetarianism.

President Barack Hussein Obama has been wanting to open the jails and I know a  safe way to do it.  No inmate, not even the most serious killer or rapist would need to stay in jail longer than 20 month.  That is one year and 8 months at most for any crime.

Here's how:  give the (homeopathic) Bach flower essences holly, chestnut bud, and gorse to each inmate once every 3 days for the first month, once every 2 days the second month, once a day the third month, twice a day the fourth month, 3 times a day the fifth month, and 4 times a day for the sixth through twentieth months.

Love, Learn, Laugh.  Holly is for LOVE and generosity of spirit to replace hatred, jealousy, or vengefulness; holly is the panacea long sought in medicine.  Chestnut bud helps one LEARN from one's mistakes.  And gorse is for the depressing hopelessness of incarceration, especially long incarceration to cease and be replaced with LAUGHTER.  The Bach flower essence "Rescue Remedy" could be used additionally on an as needed basis. 

The 20 month guarantee from me hold for the use as described of flower essences made from wild-harvested flowers.  It would take longer, 27 months (four times a day additionally for months 21 to 27) for essences made from garden-grown flowers of the same species.

I respect the diagnostic skills of allopathic medical doctors, but the treatment modality I respect is NOT allopathy but homepathic flower essences, particularly when worked with according to hte flower essence processes in the book titled "Flower Essences" by Machelle Small Wright of Perelandra Center for Nature Research (  In my experience, the allopathic diagnosis can help in the telegraph tests for flower essences described in that inexpensive book. Flower essences are not just treatment they CURE, and if they don't or if they do they keep the patient close to God and don't drag him or her to hell. Psychiatry is Bach flower essences almost exclusively most easily and the rest of medicine can be covered by Perelandra essences alone in my opinion.  I am a  Wiccan priestess and this is a kind of medicine that Wiccans believe in; (lacto-)vegetarianism is the diet we hold dear.  My objection to allopathic treatment is that most of it is addictive drugs, all allopathics whether drugs or curative medicines have many embarrassing, debilitating and disabling side effects, and the rest of it is blood drawing (phlebotamy) or cutting the body (surgery). It is uncool.  It is not curative medicines like my flower essences are. See the Google Plus Page titled Essential Healing University for a recent post with comments on drugs versus medicines in allopathy.  My medicines are better than allopaths'.  I proved it in my exceptionally excellent study "Oral Flower Essences for ADHD" published in the January 2002 Journal of the American Academy of Child and Adolescent Psychiatry. 

Also worth noting, re: overcrowding and solitary one can be with anyone anymore because the pecking order is wrong.  The pecking order can be corrected with flower essences and with the group calibration process described in the MAP (Medical Assistance Program) book on that same site.  The book downloads for $10, paperback $16.

Flower essences and Perelandra processes would work for the inmates in our jails and prisons and penitentiaries. I would also give them better vegetarian food to support the health of their minds and bodies and the mildness of their spirits. A vegetarian plate is similar to what your're accustomed to: protein, vegetable, and bread, with perhaps a glass of milk (chocolate milk if you do not like regular whole or 2% milk), but the protein is a lentil or bean dish like kidney beans or chick peas (also called garbanzo beans) and the milk, instead of meat and egg.

Most famous in this area is the plethora of lentil bean choices in Indian cuisine, spiced blandly (as I like it) or to your taste.  Other vegetarian options include milk protein based items like casseroles, pastas, grilled cheese stuffed with diced vegetables, veggie wraps, and veggie hoagies.  A famous casserole is string beans baked in cream of mushroom soup topped with bread crumbs and onion rings.  String beans are green and not so high on the proteins; they are a vegetable, but the milk and cream in the mushroom soup have protein.  Pastas include: pasta primavera, manicotti, fettuchine alfredo, eggplant parmesian, vegetable lasagna, and macaroni and cheese. 

Another cuisine that converts easily to vegetarian is Mexican: just substitute vegetarian refried beans for beef in for example, tacos.

Nature says avoid frozen foods because the freezing process breaks down the food in a way that destroys 7% of its nutritional value, but canned foods are OK, almost as good as freshly cooked foods, which of course taste best and are best for you.


Since last I wrote, God the Father was killed by Vacuums and heaven recycled itself as part of Nature, formerly purgatory, because it realized it was a parasite on Nature. Those of Heaven are all now Vacuums of Outer Space. Also I have gone Dixiecrat Party and it has kept me alive. It says everyone has 2 matches: a work and a personal opposite sex, similar age and education, same race/ethnic group honor-pairing. I've found out I'm Cherokee and that is what I needed to know to facilitate finding those 2 honor-pairings.

I'm posting to Facebook this past week. Please see me there for now.


Wiccans believe in fairies and flower essences and meditate for hours daily.

There are 3 unique fairies on call for each member of the Animal Kingdom.
1. Zookeeper-Guardian fairy (mine is named Urah).
2.  Doctor fairy (mine is named Proctor).
3. Teacher fairy (mine is named Taranick).
Each can put in up to 4 hours per week.  It is not personal to fairies; it is just service to them.

Immortal Victory in the War on Drugs is led by George Buhpson, the Fairy King of North America and Taranick's husband.  He is a doctor fairy, a psychiatrist.  I am the human lead even above the FBI.

Immortal Victory of the Children is led by "Buhp" Lehnp Arisole, a widower fairy who is aged and trains humans in romance.  He is the father of George Buhpson.  This is the war against induced abortion  of pregnancy and murder of children  (infanticide).  Minnesota Congresswoman Michelle Bachmann is my favorite human leader in this war.  I haven't her strength in it.

Walnut flower essence is for transition.  The diagnosis from the DSM that goes with this flower essence is adjustment disorder.  Yes psychiatry as a public health issue is conquered at the theoretical level and all but over practically.  Psychiatrists are requested by me, Dean of Essential Healing University to enroll with Nature to study and focus on the natural 23 adolescent  (ages 10 to 24 years old is adolescence to Nature) psychiatry supersubspecialties as preventative medicine.

Kedr is the name of the Fairy King of the USA and girls, he's single!

90% of the health care budget in the USA is spent on the last 6 months of life, and 80% on the last 6 weeks of life.  This unnecessary expenditure is 18% of the US Gross Domestic Product (GDP) and is driven by fear of death and meeting one's maker in a really thoughtless and shallow way. Let's cut the expense, and let people die in peace without IVs, surgeries and other painful and at that point unhelpful medical "care".

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The theme of the conference-"Emerging Challenges in Current Psychiatric Practices" highlights the upcoming challenges in this fast growing branch of neurosciences and its relevance to day to day practices. The academics of the conference will give clues to many of our unanswered queries.

Around February 7 2016, I asked the fairies to update and reorganize so that they have the hospital beds by diagnosis and change fairies to specialize in whatever patient's diagnosis is in that bed.  Today, March 26, 2016, they updated and reorganized in the hospital offices for type of provider and provider health problems too.  There is at least one fairy every 3 square feet of land, every 15 feet of the waters.  All fairies are specialized: 1/3 in hospital work, 1/2 in agriculture, and the remainder in shelter for humans and animals at this time.

Sometimes in  my imaginative mind I hear the voices of famous people talking to me.  I heard Barack ask me to correct the pecking order on Planet Earth and in the universe in general. So I opened a group calibration by asking to connect with the Overlighting Devas of Community, of Healing, of Medicine, and of Flower Essences, Pan, the White Brotherhood (Saints), added group calibration link to the White Brotherhood by requesting it, and invited the higher selves of all into the group calibration.  After a few days of this, I said to Nature, "simplify and strengthen".  What I got then was a group calibration with the Overlighting Deva of Birth, Pan, the White Brotherhood, a group calibration link and a standing invitation to everyone to connect their higher selves in.  What I started doing the group calibration for is Senator Bernie Sanders birth into the world community.  After 20 minutes of this, many started copying the group calibration for their own births and I am doing it for my own birth and entry into the universe too now.  I have added the Overlighting Deva of Death to work with exits from the universal community due to death too now.  Please copy and spend at least one 20 minute session on your own birth and entry into the world community.  Feel free to do a session for the death of a loved one or for your own anticipated death too!  It really helps with adjustment.  If you prefer, you can just invite or ask your family or loved ones to connect their higher selves in, instead of everyone, but then you are dependent on their relative adjustment affecting yours in the universal community.


Jesus said love of money is the root of evil and you cannot serve two masters both God and money; you'll hate one and love the other or love the one and hate the other.  This means love and serve God only!  It is a call to spiritual warriorship.

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