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Name Shiranui Callia
nickname Mizu no yōsei ((it's my performing name it means water fairy))
Age 16
Gender Female
Personality I'm shy,happy and energetic but if you mess with my friends you get a Raging Dragon
Village I don't have one I travel with the circus
Family Ties I was abandoned when I was like but the circus is my family expecially Zack
Rank unknown
Likes circus, freinds, dancing, singing, food and my companions Aldara, bubbles
Dislikes people who mess with my friends and food XD
Bio i was abandoned by a Waterfall and there was a circus passing through and rouge ninja named Zack he found me and raised me and trained me as we traveled
Extra I have a Dragon sealed in me
 Aldara is actually Zacks Raven but he like to watch me and bubbles

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Name Rose Blood
age 16
Gender Female
justu style fire/lightning and I can do stuff with my blood
Clan I don't have a clan anymore
Family my mother and father~ Meagan and Jack McGee
Rank I don't have a rank yet I'm a Rogue Ninja Right now because I Ran away
personality I am nice, shy and mean sometimes but I'm loyal to all my friends...if I had any
likes food,climbing singing and cats
Dislikes bad ninjas hurting animals and crying in front of others
I ran away from home on my 6th birthday because everyone was afraid of me and hated me because I had the fivetailed tiger in me they called me Bloody rose because when I was 3 I killed a deer with my fingernails and teeth
Extra I can do stuff with my blood and I have a bobcat and two other cat with me they follow me everywhere
Picture is me and my littlest cat but I have a scar over my left eye and that eye is red and my hair is black

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Personality:Harsh yet has a little heart
Village:Hidden leaf
Family Ties:Uchiha
Likes:Tomatos,Being alone,Training,Fighting
Dislikes:People think they are stronger,Braging
Bio:When sasuke was a kid his clan was murdered by his brother Itachi...Later on he wanted revenge but when he did....
Extra:Has sharigan and rinnegan
Also do we have to make OC's?
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Saya Uchiha



4.10 October







1 48 cm(Part:I)

1 58 cm(Part:II)


Part I:38,4 kg

Part II:47,4 kg


Team 13


Ninja Rank

Genin:age 12

Chunin:age 13-14

Saya is a beautiful and cute girl with black long hair and black big eyes.She is wearing a short black Kimono where is a Uchiha symbole on it.Under that she wears a black leggings.Her blue Konoha headband is on her leg.(Deviantart:Saya-Uchiha-san)In the old Naruto she wears the same thing too but her Kimono is blue and her headband is at their neck.

Character and childhood.

Saya is a really kind and nice girl.Many people says that she is the opposite of Sasuke.Saya is a little bit hyperactive and sometimes she can be a really happy girl which hugging the people that she likes.She is in love with Sasuke but she is always to shy like Hinata.At the begging she was like Sasuke and she didn't have any friends.She always cried about her family which she lost.She lost her family like Sasuke.But even though she has lost her family she does not want to take revenge on Itachi like Sasuke.When Sasuke left Konoha she was very sad and could not stop thinking about him.In Shippuden she has changed a lot and always had a laugh in the face.Saya wanted to be trained by Kakashi so that she someday can bring Sasuke back to Konoha.

Part I:

In Part I she was a team member with Kuroso Aikazawa and Taku Minamo.Her Sensei is Ibito Harashima which is a good friend from Kakashi Hatake.She meet Naruto and the others in the Chunin exams.She was really cold,calm and she didn't talk really much to others.She was a strong and fast Genin but she lost against Sasuke in the finals.After the fight she has spoken a little time with Sasuke and she says ,,You are really strong....even more stronger than me...i'm just useless,, after that Sasuke says to her ,,You are not useless.Very few have convinced me so much in fights!,,In that moment Saya she was blushed so much and began to fall in love with him(but she didn't sayed it to him).As Sasuke has left Konoha she was really sad and cried a lot.She really want to bring him back like Naruto but first she wanted to be stronger before.

Part II:

In Shippuden she has become to a really happy and cheerful girl which is always cute and helpful.She miss Sasuke really much but she is really sure that he will come back someday.She is even become more stronger and faster and sometimes she use a Katana to fight.Now she have a lot of friends and she help them everytime if their need help.She was really happy as Naruto come back to Konoha.Naruto didn't believe that she is the Saya of 2 years ago because she smiled to much.Saya begin to call Naruto ,,Onii-san(big brother),, because he was like her old big brother who died.Naruto was a little bit mad of that because he was a little bit in love with her but Saya didn't know that.She tried a lot to bring Sasuke back like Naruto and the others and she didn't believe what is happend with Sasuke.

(In progress)

Kekkei Genkai

She have like the other Uchiha's the Sharingan.But when she uses her sharingan she becomes to a completely different person.She will be very cold-hearted and brutal and she can't controle herself.




She is hyperactiveSometimes she call Naruto ,,Onii-san,,Her best friends are Naruto,Sasuke(later her boyfriend),Sakura,Hinata,Ino,Tenten,...and the othersHer favorite foods are:Ramen,Onigiri,Tomatoes,Dango,....She is not really the smartest of allEveryone call her ,,untypical Uchiha,,Things she don't like:Karin Uzumaki(yeah true),spiders,Akatsuki,Itachi Uchiha,....Things she like:Cats,her friends,Sasuke,Ramen,Kimono's,....Sometimes she thing that Sasuke is boringShe is always laughtingThe boys are thinking that she is beautiful former Ambu member I'm a Scorpio obtain eternal Mangekyou Sharingan & Rinnegan in Both eyes of mine from the Hidden in the trees I leave in Hidden In the Leaf know
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Name: Demon
Age: 18
Gender: Male
Personality: It is quite and good person. He is proud and a little shy. Any enemy He faces even more powerful than that .It also has a dark side.
Family ties: Brother of mizukage Yagura
Village: actually Konoha
Rank: Hokage ANBU service
Likes: Kill people, sleep,ramen,blood, swim, being alone and secretly spy on girls with naruto. And like fight.
Dislikes: Be defeated , be shy,
Bio: (9 age) It was one of the seven swordsmen of the mist. (12 age)He fled to Konoha because the people wantes to Kill him .He was trained by Kakashi and Maito Gay. (14 age)It turns in jonin.(15 age) It turns in Anbu. Steals a scroll of the jutsu most powerful of 2 Hokage.
Extra: Chakra element-wind and water. Uses two katanas. Also fistfight. Its most powerful jutsu is the hurricane impact( = rasengan but transforms the arm in a hurricane)Know how to use the jutsu explosive dragon water bite..Its speed reaches the raikage

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