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this just got 3 likes and 7 views in a matter of 3 minutes...

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not gonna lie, The Joy of Creation: Reborn is like what fnaf was mean't to be, im not gonna be like a fnaf fanboy or anything, but TJOC:R is way more scarier than fnaf no joke!

btw i found this comment on the video i just posted
"noboby cares about your opinion about hating fnaf. my opinion to haters: go eat a dick and Jack off to gay porn faggots´╗┐"
thats less of a opinion and more of a threat, gg

Sorry m8s, leaving.

Guy got butthurt because i was defending myself from cancerous people on a livestream... i just find it funny

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why is things like these exist!?!?

why am i prometed to owner?
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