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Strange to think that if Sandy Denny had lived beyond her 31years she'd be 70 today (6th Dec)

♫ ‘The Sea’ by Sandy Denny (solo)
[studio demo for ‘Fotheringay’, 1970]

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The Bluegrass Babies [ ] are joined by Hottie McScottie on fiddle and Dwight Quackman and his Chickedee Dancers on this rousing extract from their ‘Orange Blossom Special’ video - see - [soundtrack by The Rosinators (Paul Castle, Will Sneyd & Fliss Premru) available from iTunes & ]

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♫ 'The Cocks Are Crowing' by John Doyle
[from ‘Wayward Son’. 2005]

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“He wears a blue suede cowboy hat, got a Juarez woman stretched out on his lap…”

♫ ‘Juarez (A Song To Himself)’ by Sam Baker
[from ‘Pretty World’, 2007]

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See the Boys are in London tonight [Tues June 28] at Boston Music Room N19 -

♫ ‘Nobody's Business’ by The Hackensaw Boys
[live on WNRN]

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♫ ‘Bitter The Parting’ by John Doyle with Kate Rusby
[from ‘Wayward Son’, 2005]

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♫ ‘Wearin’ the Britches’ by Pauline Scanlon
(with Donogh Hennessy on guitar, Danny Thompson on double bass and Stuart Duncan on fiddle)
[from ‘Hush’, 2006]

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“Rains fell cold through June
Grass is up to my thigh
Say if it dries up it'll burn just like the moon
Say it opens up the seeds of the pine”

♫ ‘Seeds of the Pine’ by Martha Scanlan with Jon Neufeld
[live at Pickathon in Happy Valley, Oregon, 2010]

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♫ ‘June Apple’ by Michael Daves with Sarah Jarosz,
Noam Pikelny, Brittany Haas, Mike Bub
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