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Name: J (prefers to just be called J)

Age: 18

Gender: Male

Species: Half Human Half Demon

Bio: Born as Nero's son he was born as a half human half demon and he was also born with a devil arm just like Neros only more powerful. Being the son of Nero J recieved the Devil Trigger and also his Devil form but those unlocked much later in his life. All his life he protected the ones who matters to him alot, his family and decided to go and hunt demons. He now travels around and craves good adventure and a good time, while being serious when the situation calls for it.

Weapons: Demons eye (his sword),  Justice eye (his gun)

Personality: Kind, Cocky (whenever he feels like it), asshole (sometimes), sleeps alot, rushes into things (very rarely)

(Picture of Nero, my character looks like Nero, but the Devil Bringer arm is a different color, the face and hair is different, he wears a black coat instead of the blue one in the picture, and he looks 18 years old and not the age Nero looks in the picture. As I said he looks like Nero but with some differences

I know nothing of a Fantasy Roleplay. Help me out?
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