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Our daughter at her wedding. And, a two weeks earlier my Niki and I were out fishing on Rock Creek.
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Well, it has been awhile since lasted posted. 2 days ago I took my daughter and her new husband, our new son in law back to the stream where it all started. That is where I first learned to fly fish and where our two sons and our daughter learned to fly fish and fish a steep gradient mountain stream. It is really a blue line water.

It is amazing how I used climb down and up the mountain and leapfrogged from pool to pool. I don't remember how big and how many rocks and boulders, some the size of a house, we used to hop on and over to get the next hole.
When kids were smaller they played fair. They would leapfrog like the rules of the game called for. As they grew bigger and stronger and I became older and weaker ( just before being diagnosed with PD) I would leapfrog to get to my next hole and wondered why I was not catching anything. I then learned the boys were much faster then I. I was fishing where they already been.
I was not happy but it was funny. At least, now it was funny.
when I took my new son in law to our creek it was whole new fly fishing world. I fell and slipped more I ever had in the good old days. Our son in law did not learn much about fly fishing but I learned a lot `about how I love fly fishing by myself.
So today I went to a local pond and float tubed my way to catching a bunch of sunfish. (a few of them are pictured below.) It was not nearly as challenging or fun as blue-line fly fishing.

That all folks, for now.
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This is my fly fishing buddy. His name is Will and he is my Grandson. He would rather be fly fishing, just like me.

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I went to the stream this last Saturday.
My 28 year old daughter, is getting married in a couple weeks, went with me. It was a happy time. We both love to be out woods along the stream.

I caught 5 small wild Browns. Though not native these were not plants.

It all in how caught is defined. They were caught until they spit the fly out. Not a loss as I would've released them.

Anyway being able to wet wade and cast a fly is a great feeling when one thinks about it. 10 year after knew I had PD, it is a blessing to fly fish. Even if I fall a little and hurt, It reminds me, I am still alive.

Here are few pictures from Saturday.
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Finally, made it the stream this Sunday afternoon. Caught one little Brown trout. Which is better the then a poke in the eye.

Only problem was my PD. I was having a difficult time with something unexpected but related to the PD.

Have not experienced this symptom previously. I could not stand up straight, always leaning to the left with right side of my body, especially the muscle in my back cramping.
I could hardly walk upright. Had to consciously straitened my spine to walk.

Of course, a day on the stream is better then a day not fly fishing. Knowing the pain experience today, tomorrow I would be back on these small waters again.

Here are a picture or two from today. Oh! By the way falling into the water is fun on a hot day, which happened unintentionally a lot today. When one has PD, one must make game of falling in the stream. I just wish I did not need to play the game so frequently. LOL

Leaning to the left. Lol. Notice how beautiful the stream is.


I have not been able to go the high country to fly fish the small waters I love in couple of weeks.
I need to work around our home. What used to take a half day, 4 hours, now takes 5-6 hours. When I am done with work I am to tired to hit the stream.

I am not complaining, just telling like it is. It is not like the pre PD days Ten years ago. Then, when my family were visiting family out of town, I would sneak away from work 30-60 minutes early, rush home and be on the stream 30 minutes later.

I could fish for a few hours. Renewing my soul and refreshing my mind. Oh!! The joys of long evenings of summer, which never seemed to end.

Have you had to along the stream and change flies or add tippet to your leader. Every fly fisher has. It usually takes less then 10 minutes, I bet.

I has taken me 30-35 minutes to do the same. It's during those time I must relax and enjoy the time in the Cathedral made by God for healing the soul and mind.

To sense God makes it all worth the time it takes change to a Royal Coachman and add a few feet of 6X tippet to the leader. Then getting back to the finish the job of catching a brown trout, only to make a perfect cast into the bushes( probably another fly will be lost and another tied on) or lose my balance, falling into the water knowing no fish will be caught in this pool. So I have to hike upstream to the next fishable hole or head back to car.

I love the high country because it is the high country. I hear the singing of the song birds, the chirping of the creeping crickets and my heart beating from the pleasure of being.

Well, tomorrow begins another opportunity to fly fish the little waters in the high country.

It is almost the weekend. Which means another chance at the trout on one of my favorite small waters.

Now the hard part. I must decide how to tell my wife I am going and convince her I can get started on my honey must do list.

One thing I want to add from my last post after the successful opening day on the stream. Rock Steady Boxing really has improved my balance. It made the time out so much more fun. Thanks RSB.

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Day one of the season for TROUT fishing in streams opened in the Sierra today. For me it was a good day. Two TROUT caught and released at Rock Creek on yellow belly humph's. PD could not stay up with me today.
Opening Day 4/29/2017 for fly fishing.
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A few old pictures with a friend and one of my sons, always keep me keep me looking forward. Hope you enjoy.
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One week from yesterday I will out on small streams fly fishing for Rainbows, Brownies and Brookies.

Yesterday went a drive with my uncle to show him the area and good host. It gave me an opportunity scout where I would be fishing in a week.

It was so peaceful to be in the high country again.

I will provide an update with photos in a couple of weeks.

If any of you who are following have something to add about Parkinson or fly fishing or both, I would be glad to hear you. It is encouraging to know I am not talking to myself.

It is fun to live a good and moral life.
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