Name: Noon Shadow
Age: 14
Gender: Colt
Personality: Fun-loving, talkative, outgoing, very friendly to everypony.

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Name: Sprouting Bulb CN51
Gender: Mare
Species: Changeling
Personality: Skeptical, secretive, hipster
Bio: Very little is known about her. But she is the 51st clone of Sprouting Bulb.

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Name: Lightwing Luna
Age: ?
Gender: Girl
Species: Dragon
Bio: I was born to protect the earth, I watch from the moon. (By the way... there's a building in space it says..... NASA.....)

flys over University What is that place? ???

Hi everypony! I have gotten back from my business trip, and I can not wait until classes start once more this Saturday!

walks into house three hmm i guess i'll need help decorating

Hey Ya'll!!

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My Dream house
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This is my home! I had tons of help from +Liz Hansis 
My dream home
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Runs through the forest with a deer at her side WHEEE
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