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Feeling realing proud of myself learnt to do shifting on a Electric guitar. Not 100% speed yet but managed to do it at 80% . Thanks Rocksmith 2014 making learning fun. Also thanks to my own Rock Star Ross Marc Campbell for the private tution.


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Hey guys Im new to this community and pretty excited to learn guitar. I ran into Rocksmith the other day and right away picked it up in STEAM. I do not have a guitar, that is on its way...should be here 2-3 days.
Any way I looked up some videos on RS and sub to this young girl who is fantastic. She learned from RS and inspired me to move forward.

You gotta sub to her channel and look at some of the other videos. Thanks and cant wait to share my progress!!

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So i have no idea what is going on can anyone help with this?

I wish the would make rocksmith multiplayer via internet and make it for all instruments so you don't have to be in the same room.

+Leo Saraiva​ just wanted to ask if you no longer wanted this community would you please make me a owner?

Hey new to the community looking forward to talking about Rocksmith and guitar in general.

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what black sabbath songs you guys to be a new dlc 
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Another dead cable,  Ill see if I can find the failure and repair it but does anyone use anything other than the default cable and have good results?

Do you think you have to remember your notes/chords in order to play a song? I still have problems looking at the screen and making my fingers fret correctly (even hit the right strings for G, B, e).

I was wondering if any of you have found a tab book for sale for Rocksmith. I find that even playing slowly I am not remembering what to do or can't make my fretting hand make the adjustments. I probably will sit down and transcribe everything but I'd buy tab if I could find it. 
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