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Humans profile template
What Pokémon you are (no legendary Pokémon or else)
Level (has to be between 1-10)
Extra info if needed

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Name: Rio

Age: 16

Gender: Male

Level: 7

Species: Riolu

Likes: Training,meeting new people,baking

Dislikes: Threats,being put down

Moves: Close combat
Aura sphere
Low kick
Quick attack
Bio:none available

Event: Race on the roof tops of the town to find the missing menders of my team: Myself, Wave the Dewott, Lantern the Charmander, and Mew.

Can I be mod? I won't screw around.

Here is the second event here's how it going to start a suspicious Pokémon aka CC has been seen around star town and your on the night watch

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Name cc
Level 1
Species eevee
Gender female
Moves store power scratch sand attack bite
Likes pizza
Dislikes bullies
Item friend scarf
Bio she doesn't remember her past she doesn't remember who she use to be all she can remember is her name
Also I'm in a event which I will tell you soon

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Welcome to the dorms this is where the teams live in their own areas

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Hello welcome to the town here you can bey items for your adventures or how about a nice chat at the inn

Hello everyone
What's up guys its pat and welcome to the event here is the event and its a good one
Thats right pat in the event ee has mistake 2 Pokémon aka the pikachu brothers as people to help her get stronger
You must hurry to desolate canyon and reduce her

One last question.. can we have a part or leader of multiple teams? Anyway, who wants to join the dream team? Requirements: must be able to make a variety of moves, like say, a blast hydro pump to move opponents away without damaging them, them a focused hydro pump to do heavy damage. Stuff like that.
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